Sunday, April 8, 2018


Today, I’m filling in for Celia Yeary, who is recuperating from back surgery.

Alan Pinkerton (left) with
President Lincoln
Those of us who love history are familiar with the story of Alan Pinkerton and the Pinkerton National Detective Agency—which led the way to the United States Secret Service. Pinkerton agents were respected by citizens and feared by criminals. In THE PINKS, Chris Enss adds to the knowledge of Pinkerton agents by writing about the women agents and spies.

Kate Warne
Kate Warne was the first woman detective in the United States. I had heard of her and that she also acted as a spy during the Civil War. Kate also dressed as a Union soldier and saved President Lincoln's life.

Angus Macfadyen as Allan Pinkerton,
Martha MacIsaac as Kate Warne, and
Jacob Blair as William Pinkerton

There was even a television series in which she and Alan Pinkerton’s son William were the main characters. Kate had sister agents, and I was not familiar with their names.

Chris Enss is the author of many books about women in the United States, especially in the West. I have several of her books. Her HEARTS WEST tells the story of true mail-order brides, successes and failures.

THE PINKS is a book both readers and authors will find useful and interesting. I recommend it highly.


  1. The history of the Pinkerton brothers is fascinating. The agency history is just as amazing. And even they had corruption within their ranks that tied back to a few politicians. Sometimes I think nothing has changed.

    Thanks for filling in for Celia. My heart as been with her as she's faced this ordeal.

  2. You have wet my appetite for more stories about the Lady Pinks! Thanks, Caroline....and my best wishes, Celia, for a good recovery!

  3. My sister worked for the Pinkertons when she lived in Omaha, Nebraska. I thought it was a cool job, but she didn't like going under cover to work for a company under investigation.

    I loved watching The Pinkertons series on Netflix. I think it was very smart to hire women detectives because, in those days, no one suspected a woman to be a part of an investigating team and who could imagine she could hold her own with a gun?

    I enjoyed reading this blog, Caroline. I hope Celia has a rapid recovery and returns to us soon.

  4. Interesting post, Caroline, and thanks for the recommendation for Chris Enss books.

    I've sure been thinking about Celia and hope she will make a good recovery from her back surgery and be back with us soon.


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