Sunday, December 8, 2019

Unusual Research Method for Authors

Unlike this guy...

we can’t go back in time.
But, thanks to Ebay, we can buy a piece of history and then have it delivered right to our front door.
I’ve found Ebay to be a valuable research tool. In recent weeks I’ve sought out pictures using the search terms, “Handwritten letters, handwritten journals/diary, vintage diary,” and all sorts of other terms because ebay is nice enough to suggest related search terms for you.
Try it. You might be surprised at the time you’ll waste looking at the cost of your toys you had while growing up how much you’ll learn about the past.
Do you have any unusual research methods? And, even more importantly, PLEASE tell me you know the name of the movie in the above picture?
*FYI: I watched this movie LOTS of times growing up. My favorite part was watching the fashions change via the mannequin.


  1. I've bought vintage cookbooks because they often contain recipes for other things such as soap or how-to do certain chores such as skinning an animal or tanning a hide. Local courthouse records can also yield some interesting tidbits.

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