Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Grooms with Honor Series by Linda Hubalek

Grooms with Honor...
What does the phrase make you think of?
Strong men, honorable men, decent characters, always putting their brides first...

Little did I know when I added six sons to the preacher's family in the Brides with Grit series that they'd have their own book series someday.  But it seemed natural to continue life stories on the Kansas prairie with these six brothers, in the prime of their lives, ready to find a help mate.

In each story the woman faces a serious threat, and the man comes to her rescue. Back in the 1800s you had to rely on the help of others rather than the state's or government's help, so I'm sure situations like these women found themselves in were very threatening and real. Hopefully there were men, and communities, to help them out.

Here's the description for Angus' Trust

Angus' Trust by Linda K. Hubalek
A sweet historical romance set in 1886.

Angus Reagan grew up fascinated with trains and has done everything from stoking engines to applying the car brakes. Now, after being a train detective for years, he's thinking about heading home to Clear Creek, Kansas. He misses his family and community.

Daisy Clancy spent her childhood in the family-run café in Clear Creek, Kansas, but she left home to work in a big city when she came of age. Still single and finally lonely for family, Daisy decides to return home and open her own business.

Fate puts the two childhood friends on the same train and sparks of memories cause each to think of their future, maybe even together. But a train robbery sets them on another journey they hadn’t planned on.

This book series, Grooms with Honor, showcases the six sons of Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan, first featured in the 1873 year-based Brides with Grit series.

"Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, be faithful unto her as long as you both shall live?"

The young men have heard Pastor Reagan say these words to many couples over the years, and they vow to treat all women this way as they walk through life.

Besides the Reagan brothers, the series will feature other men in their community.

(Note: Two Montana Sky Kindle World stories, Nolan's Vow on sale at 99 cents until May 31, and Elof's Mission, enter the Grooms with Honor series setting right before Angus' Trust.)

Thanks for stopping by the Sweethearts of the West Blog. Hopefully I've given you another reason to appreciate the old west...because of their grooms with honor...

Linda Hubalek


  1. I read the two in the Montana Sky series and loved them. Looking forward to this one.

  2. Strong men must have honor, right? Nice post, Linda.

  3. A series is a wonderful thing, isn't it, Linda? Readers get a chance to really know the main characters in advance of each man's story. I think series writing is so much fun, like I'm writing about family. Did you grow a close connection with your characters?
    All good things to your corner of the universe, Linda...

    1. Once I'm "invested" in the series family I had to let them go. I I always think of more connections and couples I could write about.


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