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Flowers - What Do Their Colors Mean

By Anna Kathryn Lanier

Today is St. Valentine’s Day…just in case you forgot. I thought of doing ‘the history of Valentine’s Day,’ but then rejected it. I was busy this past week getting ready for my mom’s 70th birthday party and family gather this past weekend, and realized I wouldn’t have time to research the subject. Soon followed the thought that flowers are a big gift today. Then I remembered I’d done a previous blog on the meaning of flower colors. 

Sooo, I pulled that blog out and I’m reposting it here. I've changed it a bit, so it's not exactly the same. Leave a comment and you could win a copy of Wild, Wicked & Wanton: 101 Ways to Love Like You're in a Romance Novel by Christie Craig and Faye Hughes (autographed by Christie).

We all know red roses represent love, but what about other colors? What do they mean?  If your love gives you pink flowers, what does he think about you?  What if the arrangement is mostly green flora? Here's what I've found on different websites, which mostly all said the same thing in different ways.

Yellow: Happy, joy and lightheartedness...all the things yellow symbolizes. They also represent friendship, which may not be what you had in mind for the relationship.

Orange: A bold and unbashful color, he may give you orange flowers if you finds you confident, passioninate and full of enthusiasm and warmth.

Peach: Not the color you want your true to give peach symbolizes gratitude to a woman who is only a best friend.

Red: Another energy color, it can transform an otherwise unassuming personality into someone with desire, strength and passionate love. A red flower also symbolizes beauty, heat, respect, courage, strength and love.

Pink: This color has many different symbolisms—from youth and innocence to grace and gentility. A gentleman can express happiness, fun, and joy if he gives his lady love a bouquet of pink flowers, especially azaleas.

Lavender: He thinks of you as feminine beauty full of elegance, delicateness, and refinement with an arrangement of lavender blossoms.

Purple: The color of royalty, purple symbolizes dignity, pride and success. It is the perfect color for a woman whose accomplishments he admires.

Blue: Are you high-strung and preoccupied? Then perhaps that's why he gave you a blue flora  arrangement. With its calming effect, these flowers will bring peace, openness and serenity.

Green: A color associated with nature and renewal, a bouquet of diverse shapes and hues convey health, resilience, good fortune, optimism and youth.

White: Purity and innocence, modesty and elegance. An arrangement dominated by white flowers represence the reverence your love has for you.
Which color flower represents you most?  Which color would you least like to receive? Remember to leave a comment (with your e-mail) for a to win a copy of Wild, Wicked & Wanton: 101 Ways to Love Like You're in a Romance Novel by Christie Craig and Faye Hughes (autographed by Christie).

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This blog first appeared on Rose of Houston on May 11, 2009.


  1. Good morning. I have a subbing job today, so won't be able to check comments until this afternoon, but please do leave one for your chance to win! Don't forget to leave a way to contact you.

  2. You are one busy lady! I'm glad I'm retired. I laugh as I say that because I'm writing all the time now. I loved your post and learned a few things. But, honestly, I'll take flowers in any color. I just love them all. Each are beautiful and unique just like us gals (wink...wink).

  3. Anna Kathryn, I had forgotten the meaning of the different colors. Pink roses are still my favorite.

    I already have Christie's book, so don't enter me in the drawing.

  4. I will take purple, please, and don't forget the tiara with it!

    Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D.

  5. Hi Anna, I've always liked lavender and purple. I was thrilled to learn they symbolized femininity and success. I'm hoping success comes true for me in the form of a hugely successful book contract.
    Please enter me in the contest and thanks for the great info.
    Sincerely, Debby Lee

  6. Hi, all. Thanks for stopping by.

    Vonnie, it seems the more time on your hands, the more busy you are! It's crazy. I keep thinking it'll slow down, but it never does.

    Caroline, I did this post a couple of years ago, then promptly forgot about the meanings. LOL. I really do need a heroine who knows about flowers. LOL

    Susan, tiara coming up! Nice to see you here.

    Debby, I hope you get the hugely successful contract, too!

  7. Anna Kathryn--I used to know all this, but apparently I've forgotten. I do know that Yellow Roses mean "friendship," and Red Roses mean "I love you." I'm sure about this.
    But I'd take pink roses any day. They're the best.
    I sat in a doctor's office this afternoon, and this handsome guy walked in with a big bouguet of flowers in the pretty glass vase. I couldn't identify any of the flowers, and really--it was very tacky. Not pretty at all--heavy looking, with something in there that was lime green, and....well, he asked for "her", and "her" came out, and he got a big kiss, blah, blah. I thought, If that's the best he can do...ditch him.

  8. Anna, what a fun post! I think I'd like to be given Orange flowers--I love bold colors but most men panic at Valentine's Day and always go with the standard red or pink roses, thinking they can't go wrong :-)

  9. Hi, Celia and Marin.

    Celia, at least he did something. But does make you wonder, he had to do it in public, too....look at me! But, as I sit here without anything from dh, how can I really be snide about that guy bring his 'love' flowers, no matter how I should say, DH is a hit and miss with Valentine's Day. Last year, I got a plant, which surprisingly is still a live. And this past week, he's been sick, so I'll give him a

    Marin, a bouquet of orange flowers would be beautiful and very eye catching!

  10. I have the book, so I don't need to be in the drawing...I'm allergic to flowers, so I didn't receive any, but he did get me a journal and pens...the man knows me!

  11. I've already got the book, so don't put me in the drawing.

    I'm allergic to flowers so none for me...but he did get me a journal and pens...the man knows me!

  12. Fun post Anna Kathryn! I like anything bright.

  13. I can never remember what all those colors mean, so you made a great choice for today's blog. Please count me in for the drawing. Thanks. ClarissaSouthwick at yahoo dot com.

  14. hi Anna Kathryn,

    What does it mean when you don't get flowers at all????? LOLLOL

    My husband has given me flowers I think three times in my entire life. Once when we had not been married long (Valentine's Day) and when each of my kids was born. Oddly enough, with my daughter he gave me yellow roses that were just beautiful and have always been a favorite of mine. With my son, he gave me a potted plant in a music box container with trains on it. LOLLOL I guess he thougth that was more appropriate for a male child. If I feel like I want flowers for the table, many times I stop off and just buy them myself--not roses, but just a colorful WalMart bouquet of some kind. Love this post about what the colors mean. I never knew this!


  15. Hi, Tess, Paty, Clarissa and Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by.

    I'm with Cheryl. If I want flowers for some reason or another, I'll stop by and get them myself.

    One has to remember that I'm married to the guy who took me to Luby's Cafeteria for our 20th wedding anniversary and took me to see PLATOON on our wedding night....LOL

  16. I've never given much thought to the meaning of each color of a flower. My husband brought me a bouquet the other day. I'll have to take your list and compare, lol.

    As usual, Anna Kathryn, a very interesting blog.

  17. Hi, Jannine. Yeah, you need to find out if after 30+ years of marriage he only 'just likes you.' LOL

  18. A whole new perspect of a gift of flowers :-) I loved your post Anna Kathryn, and hope you had a great Valentine's Day and that your Mom's 70th went off well, too.

    sherrygloag at gmail dot com

  19. Wow, I really liked this. My boyfriend handpicked a nice arrangement of yellow, white and red. It is beautiful and so special since he specifically picked out the flowers. Thanks for sharing this and Happy Birthday to your mom! Love you,
    Judy (

  20. Blue is my favorite color. I'm not high-strung, but I am preoccupied--writing you know. That's more satisfying than dusting or cooking. ROFL

    Have a great day, everyone. Anna, thanks for a great post.

  21. Hi, Sherry, Judy and Sandra. Thanks for stopping by.

    Sherry, thanks. The party and my Valetine's Day were both nice.

    Judy! It's great to 'see' you. How nice to have a handpicked bouquet. It makes it's much more personal.

    Sandra, I like blue, too. I think for it's calming effect.

  22. Congrats to Clarissa for winning the drawing for winning the drawing and an autographed copy of Wild, Wicked & Wanton: 101 Ways to Love Like You're in a Romance Novel. I'll contact you soon about getting it to you.


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