Monday, August 20, 2012

I’ve guest blogged on Sweethearts before, but since I’m new as a member of the group, I’d like to introduce myself today. Born in San Francisco and raised in Minnesota, I’ve lived in Texas for close to three decades, along with my husband and an ever changing brood of cats. I’m a former fashion illustrator and art instructor, but I began writing years ago as a hobby. This hobby grew into an enduring love of historical research and the crafting of passionate love stories based on that research.

In late 2010, I self-published DARLIN' DRUID, book one in my Texas Druids trilogy, and a year later book two, DASHING DRUID. I’m currently working on the third book, due to be released in early 2013. Now, you’re probably wondering how Druids could possibly be in the Old West, right? It’s simple really. I’ve love western romances and stories set in Ireland or among Irish Americans. Combining the two was a no brainer. Eventually, when seeking to add a paranormal element to my stories about a trio of siblings – children of Irish immigrants – I decided to make them descendants of Irish Druids, each with a different psychic gift. I don’t think this combination has been tried before.

Here’s part of what reviewer Todd Fonseca had to say about Darlin’ Druid:

“I'll admit I was completely thrown by the title of this book. If for some reason you are as well, "fuhgeddaboudit"! This is an engaging, page turning, can't put it down, don't know where the time went, read. In fact, when I received Horner's book I had already started Steig Larsson's "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest"; having finished the first two books in Larsson's series I was anxious to complete the third. But I picked up Horner's book and frankly the pace was so much faster and the book more engaging that I put best selling Hornet aside in favor of finishing Horner's book.”

 Did that make my day? You know it!

In addition to my novels, I’ve published a novella titled WHITE WITCH – a prequel to the trilogy – and a memoir, SIX CATS IN MY KITCHEN.

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  1. Welcome to the Sweethearts of the West as a regular contributor, Lyn. I look forward to more great posts from you.

  2. Thanks, Caroline. I'm delighted to be part of this wonderful group.

  3. Welcome, Lyn!We're so glad to have you join us here on Sweethearts.
    I, too, wondered, how in the world can Druids be in a Western Romance? And even more startling, I'm sure to you, was my question--What the heck is a Druid?
    Well, now I know, and yes, I get it. Your trilogy sounds intriguing, and that review! I'd give anything for someone to say they'd put down a NY Best Seller to read mine. Now, yours may be that Best Seller--we can hope for such!
    I enjoyed your introduction.

  4. Hi Celia, thanks your warm welcome. I'm glad I cleared up your questions about my Druids.

    Todd Fonseca's review left me breathless. I may never make the NY Best Sellers list, but it's gratifying to know Darlin' Druid can compete with such a well known book.

  5. I forgot to mention that Darlin' Druid is free today on Amazon.

  6. Hi Lyn! Great to have you with us here at SWEETHEART as a permanent addition! Your books sound very interesting, and I'm headed over to Amazon right now to snag Darlin' Druid! Man, I would have been on Cloud 9 to have gotten a review like Todd Fonseca's! Congratulations!

  7. Yeah, my fingers got in a hurry--SWEETHEARTS, not SWEETHEART. LOL

  8. What a lovely bunch of sweethearts you have in this group!

    (For a moment you were sweathearts which might be a female version of the sweat hogs.)

  9. My goodness, Lyn, you are a busy person. What a great compliment on your story. You can ride a long way on such praise and appreciation of your work.

    So glad to have you as part of our blog. It is really a great group of authors here.

  10. Hi Cheryl and Paisley,
    Thanks for welcoming me! I'm very happy to be part of the group. In future I'll try to write more historical subjects, not just promo. :)

    Alison, I appreciate you stopping by. I'm a bit scattered today. Just got back from cat sitting for my daughter yesterday, so I'm doing laundry and trying to catch up on email.

    Yes, ladies, that review from Todd is a dilly. I've quoted a lot.

  11. Welcome, fellow newbie. I have to say, I was taken aback by the Druid in the west concept. It's very intriguing. I like the paranormal element. I wish you great success, Lyn.

  12. Hi Sarah. I know the title kind of throws people and I've thought of changing it. But I've branded myself with Texas Druids all over the net. I don't think it makes sense to change it now.


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