Sunday, January 8, 2023

A Few Woozy Words via Influenza A from Cora Leland Author

 Welcome! to Cora Leland's Late Night Woozy Words!

The first day of summer in the Andes 2023

I promised the doctor not to write too much, and since I want to get well right away I'd better cooperate.

Despite altitude sickness, then the flu, Rescuing Chrissie (Lakota 6) is up & running on Amazon.

Things you might enjoy searching are these long-tailed keywords: The Overland Trail (1820-1869); Northern Arapaho and Cheyenne (1600-1878); Green Valley Rendezvous. (People do write saying they like to study these things.) 

And here's a good site for looking at ledger art. But do note that this isn't a museum but a commercial site. Click carefully if at all. Just read and look... that's what I do.

Here's a ledger art drawing by the Oglala artist Black Road.  The decorations on the horse would have specific meanings.  For example, the horse that my heroine, Chrissie, wore were engagement decorations that the groom (Bear Wolf) gave to Chrissie.  In the author's words, these decorations included  blue and white leather braided into the pony's tail and designs hanging almost to the ground from Chrissie's saddle.

Black Road's highly decorated pony

Just another sun-drenched day in the mountains

I'd better plug in the heater and crawl to bed.  Best to you all, Cora Leland Author


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