Sunday, September 25, 2022

THE TRAVELS OF A RECIPE by Marisa Masterson


Once there was a lutheran pastor's wife who brought the recipe with her. She moved to the small community in Michigan and brought her fantastic cookies to her congregation. 

Later, a young wife received that recipe. She began to make the cookies and give them away. In fact, people started to believe it had always been her recipe.

When the wife was old and had become a grandmother, a young woman and her family moved into the community. The old woman took them under her wing. She shared more than the cookies and the recipe. The young family became like her own relatives. 

Who knows where the recipe started from? Who invented it? That's not the important part. 

What matters is the love each woman showed as she made the cookies and passed on the recipe to others. It's the love that I pushed to share in my next book. 

The recipe I'm referring to is for molasses cookies, and that's how it made its way to me. The recipe means so much to me that I wrote a book about it.

Curious about the recipe. It's included in my book!

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