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Ghosts at Fort Riley by Zina Abbott

 I'm not a big fan of Halloween, but I do enjoy reading about ghosts. More importantly, I believe the spirit world of the departed it not that far removed from earth. While most of the dead stay in that realm until it is time for them to move on to the next phase of their eternal life, many cling to the earth. Then again, I believe some so-called ghost sightings are actually occurrences in this physical world that, due to darkness and/or fog or mists, appear to be other-worldly. I'll let you decide for yourself.


Fort Riley in 1920

What I found interesting were a record of ghostly sightings involving Fort Riley in Kansas. Fort Riley has been in existence in one form or another since 1853. It has suffered several cholera outbreaks and was one of the ground zeros for what became known as the Spanish Flu pandemic. It also prepared and sent many soldiers, including George A. Custer, into dangerous situations.

On one of the Legends of America posts, I found a fascinating account of other-worldly sightings involving Fort Riley. Rather than plagiarize, I will give you the link and allow you to read what they offer for yourself. However, you might enjoy the following teasers first.

Camp Funston in 1918

Read about the ghosts associated with Camp Funston by Fort Riley due to the 1918 Flu pandemic. 

There were two major periods of cholera outbreaks that resulted in ghost sightings. One involved Cornelia Armistead, the wife of Major Lewis Armistead. Hoping to avoid his troops from catching cholera, he led them away from the fort. Within a short time, many of them became ill anyway. When he returned to the fort, he found his wife had died. Read about the sightings in the post cemetery.

Custer House today

Custer and his wife never lived in the Custer House on the fort today. Instead, they lived in housing at Sheridan and Forsyth Avenue that was similar to the Custer House still on the base. Although the current Custer House has its share of hauntings, read about the ghostly appearances that race across the old cavalry field only to stop at the location of the original Custer House.

Remains Old Trolley House

There are tales of haunting at the old Trolley House,


and the nurse in the Post Headquarters building. 

To find this collection of Fort Riley ghost sightings, please CLICK HERE. Be aware, this is a two-part article. The first part is a general history of Fort Riley. Keep reading, and you will find the ghost stories. 


My currently-published books do not have anything to do with ghosts, but several of them have a connection to Fort Riley.

In Hannah's Handkerchief, Hannah meets Jake at a celebration dance held at Fort Riley. You may read the book description and find the purchase link by CLICKING HERE.


In Hannah's Highest Regard, Hannah and Jake, after being separated for most of two years, reunite at Fort Riley. Please find the book description and purchase link by CLICKING HERE.


Mail Order Penelope  does not have much to do with Fort Riley other than she traveled close to there and was aware that the men who brought cholera to the forts on the Kansas frontier passed through the fort. She meets Marcus, a post surgeon who had temporarily transferred to Fort Hays to help with the large cholera outbreak at that fort. For the book description and link for this book, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. I also believe in ghosts and have seen them many times. Best wishes for continued success with your books.


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