Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Post by Doris McCraw
writing as Angela Raines

Pikes Peak as seen heading East - Photo property of the author
January is moving quickly in this year of 2020. Already it's January 22. Did you make resolutions, a list of intentions or goals? Although I didn't write them down, January has been a month of looking at where I want to go and what I want to do. To that end, I've been working on achieving a least a working list for the year.

1. Write. It seems obvious, but if I don't put it down then it becomes something I can let slide. As I work to finish this year's novel, I've taken to tracking word count. Enough of the story and characters are there to start the real work.

2. Seek out workshops and classes that will help me continue to grow as an author and connect with readers who would enjoy my work. So far, I've done a social media workshop and a writing children's books and website use for name recognition.

3. Make readers aware of the difference between the non-fiction writing I do as Doris McCraw and the fiction as Angela Raines.

4. Read, read, read, read. I've always loved to read, and this year I've decided to continue to study other authors, delve into history with a greater purpose and re-read those books that impacted me as a reader.

5. Enjoy life!

There are probably many additional resolutions, goals or intentions I could add to this list, but I don't believe in overwhelming myself.

In addition, 2020 is a big year for celebrating women's suffrage. Many of the women doctors who came to Colorado were involved in that struggle from Alida Avery who arrived in 1874 after leaving her position at Vassar to establish a medical practice in Denver. Her time here was also spent helping to guide the cause of suffrage. It was in the research of this woman along with Harriet Leonard, Julia E. Loomis, Clara Rowe and Esther B. Holmes that led me to write the character of Josephine Forrester in my first novel, "Josie's Dream". Now the dream is to tell the real story of these amazing women.


So as you continue your journey through 2020, what will you read and write?

Please consider offering a testimonial if you have enjoyed my or any other author's work. It is greatly appreciated.

Doris Gardner-McCraw, writing as Angela Raines
Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in
Colorado and Women's History
Angela Raines - author: Where Love & History Meet
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  1. As always, I enjoy your blogs, Doris and your aim for 2020 is admirable, making me look forward to reading more of your work. In the past I've made new year resolutions that didn't last long. So, this year I made only one resolution: to stop procrastinating. To that end, I did a polish of a book, sent it off and two days ago signed the contract. So, why did it take me so long to polish? Now, I have to find two of my books waiting to be resurrected. I just hope I can find the disks and not have to retype from scratch. Procrastination is my very worst fault.

    1. I think the 'P' word is the bane of many a creative's existence. I wish you well and hope when you read more of my work you will offer a testamonial. I know I look forward to reading your latest when it is released. Here's to a productive 2020. Doris

  2. I also enjoy your posts on the Western Fictioneers blog. You are not only knowledgeable, but you are good at sharing with others.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. What good is knowledge if you don't share? Doris


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