Thursday, July 12, 2018

a loss

by Rain Trueax

I learned today that Celia Yeary, one of the co-founders of this blog, Sweethearts of the West, has died. 

It seemed like this would be a good place for us to post about our memories of her and what she meant to us. 

When I first began bringing out books, I went to Amazon forums for authors. In one for western romance, I met Celia among other writers of the west. She was always kind, shared and helped where she could. Although I only knew her through the books she wrote and the internet, I thought of her as a friend.  

When many of us from that first group later became friends on Facebook, Celia was always an encourager, quick to comment with a kind word. She is the one who suggested I join this group blog. 

In February, Celia stopped posting at Facebook and many of us worried about how she was doing. She had shared little of her problems, which was her gentle way. We kept hoping she'd be back and are sad to learn she won't. She will be missed. 

It's funny how you know someone only online and yet they become part of your circle of friends. Her passing is a loss, but she was a woman of faith, which I am sure gives consolation to those who loved her.


  1. I'll post from my FB page what I wrote about the loss of Celia, Betty.
    I was shocked to hear the news this morning that Celia Yeary has died. She wasn't just an associate who wrote great western stories, gave intelligent and honest opinions, or even that she was wise and offered good counsel when I needed it; most of all, she was my friend. I am going to miss her deeply. There's a hole in my world today.
    Some of you may not have known her. I wish you had. Because I want you to know about her, I am adding an interview I did of Celia to help her promote one of her stories and it has her bio at the beginning.
    For Celia...
    Celia Yeary, a native Texan, former science teacher, graduate of Texas Tech University and Texas State University, is mother of two, grandmother of three boys, and wife of a wonderful, supportive Texan.
    She has published ten novels, seven novellas, short stories, and articles for a Texas Magazine-- Texas Co-op Power. She is a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), a local writing group called The Write Girls, and co-owns a group blog titled Sweethearts of the West.
    Celia and her husband enjoy traveling, and both are involved in their church, the community, and the university. Central Texas has been her home for forty years.

    I love you, Celia, and I will never forget you.

    My replay was too long for it to post here, but I have an interview with Celia on my FB page if you would like to read it:

  2. She was very special and will be missed in the cyber world as well as her real one... although cyber feels very real

  3. Celia and I had similar backgrounds--both growing up in West Texas. She and I opened Sweethearts of the West blog together. I can hardly believe she's gone.

  4. I didn't know Celia but recognize the severity of her loss to so many. Clearly, Celia was a special friend, gifted writer and well-loved founder of the Sweethearts family. Condolences to her family and many friends.

  5. I met Celia through Prairie Rose Publications. Although I didn't know her well, I knew her well enough that she epitomized my idea of a 'lady'. Such a gentle soul.

  6. I am shocked to open up our blog and read such sad news.
    As with Rain, I too, first became acquainted with Celia on one of the western author forums many years ago. And as so many here are saying, I was impressed not only with her talent as an western writer, but also with her genuine friendship and willingness to share her knowledge with others. My heartfelt sympathy to her family and friends.

  7. I missed the announcement that Celia had passed away. I am so sorry to lose her. I didn't know her well but through my experiences here on Sweethearts, I know she was a very supportive and talented lady. She will be greatly missed.


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