Tuesday, January 10, 2017

$2.99 eBook
A desperate man and a woman on the run... Kathleen Parker arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas, as a Mail Order Bride. But the name on the contract is not hers. Josiah Fremont is desperate for a wife, a woman to cook, care for his three children, and be a helpmate on his new ranch. Then a man with revenge in his heart and a gun on his hip brings danger to everyone in-volved.

Mail-order bride Lorelei Hastings arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas. Instead of a handsome prosperous man, a tall muscular man in dusty work clothes greets her. Daniel Carpenter, a livery owner, explains the banker ordered two brides to choose between, and he's made his choice. Lorelei is the leftover bride. She is furious, but has no recourse except to drive home with the big quiet blond man.

Annalisa Morriset arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas, to learn the marriage arranged by the Boston Agency for Bridal Pairings is off. David Allen, two bedraggled children, and an infant literally run into her in the mercantile. While attempting to help those less fortunate, Annalisa and David face danger, heartache, confusion, and an attraction beyond understanding.
Each of these mail order brides stories are available separately as 99cent ebooks.
Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery
Cover Art by Karen Michelle Nutt
Of all the books I've written and had published, these three sold far more than any others. I was so pleased with the success of them I asked that they be available in print form for my local readers.
Celia Yeary
Romance, and a little bit of Texas


  1. Celia, I love mail-order bride stories. I would NOT have wanted to be a mail-order bride, but I might have risked it had I lived at that time. I've read Chris Enss' stories of actual mail-order brides and some of the problems they faced.

    1. Right. We love to romanticize the real stories, don't we? No, I would not have wanted to be one at all.

  2. I loved reading this trilogy about mail order brides. They were so heartwarming. Great writing, Celia!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I enjoy writing these...but I am stuck on the current mail order bride series I'm writing...grrr. I hate it when I get stuck...and the story sits there...waiting, waiting...sigh.


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