Monday, June 6, 2011


I’m using my post today to announce my new contemporary series, TEXAS ROYALTY. If you like sweeping, steamy, character-driven stories full of drama and personal conflict, perhaps you’ll enjoy this series. Here’s a blurb about the series:

The three grown children of an old wealthy but dysfunctional Texas ranching family find love in unexpected places in spite of their quarreling parents. Ultimately, crisis and near tragedy reunite the parents who have been the root of the family’s breakdown. Harmony that has been missing for many years returns to the Double Barrel Ranch.

Book #1 of the series is a Cinderella story. It's called TEXAS TYCOON at this point, but that title might change. I’m hoping for a release date in the fall. Here’s a short blurb about the book:

When confronted with the opportunity to spend time with one of the most successful businessmen in Fort Worth and one of Texas’ most eligible bachelors, SHANNON PIPER, smart, successful real estate broker in Camden, Texas, cannot deny her wilder side. Falling in love with him wasn’t on her agenda, nor was dealing with his treachery in a business deal after he claimed to love her. Already plagued by trust issues from her past, Shannon can’t be easily convinced she can ever trust him.

When DRAKE LOCKHART encounters a beautiful redhead at a fancy charity ball, the last thing he expects is a tryst he can’t forget with a woman who disappears. As she continues to haunt him, he’s driven to search for her. Once he finds her, he recognizes that his bachelor days are over, but he loses her trust when his more powerful company anonymously goes head to head with her in a business deal. Winning back her faith in him is a challenge he must win.

Thanks, and I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Oh, congratulations, Anna! These books look wonderful. I really enjoy books about families and the interaction of the siblings, parents, etc. Maybe because I come from such a dysfunctional family myself. LOL So sorry I'm late responding--I have been in edit hell the last few days. Congratulations again--let us know when it's available, will you?


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