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Don’t you just love the name of this blog—Sweethearts of the West?
Lauri Robinson
I do, and I’m so honored to be a guest blogger today. I have several historical western romances on the market with The Wild Rose Press and a few with Harlequin in their Undone line, and I’m often asked why I write westerns. To me it’s simple, I love the old west. I didn’t watch Bonanza and Gunsmoke because that’s what was on. I watched them because that’s what I wanted to watch. I credit John Wayne for making the western movie an American classic, and still get excited when I hear of a new western movie in the making.

Other countries had their illustrious times, their famed heroes, and rough and wild eras, but only America can claim the ‘Old West.’ Where men were bold and women tough. The land west of the Mississippi promised change, wonder, beauty and riches, and men and women flocked to catch a piece of those promises. Gold Rushes. Land Runs. Cattle Drives. The Railroad Boom. Wagon Trains.

These were times of great changes, massive fortunes, and catastrophes. People thrived, set down roots and created communities that went well beyond kindred souls. Dreams came true and new professions were created.

Cattle Drive
 The most iconic of those is probably the American Cowboy, which came about after the Civil War, when the shortage of beef in the northern states gave some enterprising southerners, mainly Texans, the idea of moving their cattle north. Their plan was to drive their cattle to the closest railroads, namely Kansas, and from there ship beef across the nation. The plan worked. (Texas cattle drives had started before the war, but on a smaller scale and stopped completely during the war since there was no profit in it.)

The cowboy is often portrayed as a lanky, handsome, rugged, a little risky, but sexy and loveable man who didn’t need the law to tell him right from wrong. Instinct told him. He had a heart of gold, and wouldn’t allow anyone or thing to be mistreated. The six-shooter hanging off his hip was his best friend, right next to his horse, and the woman he loved was the luckiest lady around.

I, for one, am in awe of all the men and women who journeyed west. Those strong, fiery souls, full of pioneer spirit and dreams, who believed. Believed in themselves.

Can you imagine leaving everything behind to forge your way through unknown and uncivilized territory? I honestly don’t know that I have it in me. I like knowing where my next meal will come from and that I’ll have a roof over my head each night, but I love reading about these people, and writing about them. To create new characters, tell the tales of them embarking on fascinating journeys, and finding their happily-ever-after is my dream come true.
Now Available

On April 1st, the fifth book in my Quinter Brides series, WILDCAT BRIDE was released by The Wild Rose Press. Mixed Book Bag had this to say about the series: "Lauri Robinson writes wonderful romantic stories and WILDCAT BRIDE is no exception. Her well-drawn characters are people you would invite into your homes and your hearts. They face challenges with grace and humor, are loyal to a fault, admit their mistakes and act out of love. The villains get their just desserts and the good guys come out on top."

Coming May 2011
 My next release will be Nights with the Outlaw on May 1st, a Harlequin Undone. Here’s the blurb:

Nebraska, 1885Outlaw Clint Turnquist is on a mission—one that doesn’t involve falling in love. His freedom hinges on tracking down his former gang, but he can’t resist Doreena Buckman’s plea to help protect her ranch from the strangers watching her property. Bold and beautiful, she tempts Clint with both her body and her promise of a fresh start. But even with his past standing between them, denying the urge to kiss her may take more discipline than he has...

For additional information on my books and releases, feel free to stop by www.laurirobinson.blogspot.com

Thanks so much to the wonderful Sweethearts of the West for inviting me over today. They are great gals, and I’ve enjoyed many of their books.

Cheers, Ladies.

Thanks to the very gracious and writer extraordinairre, Lauri Robinson, for stepping in as guest on short notice. Lauri, we hope you'll be back soon!


  1. LAURI--I'm happy to be your first responder...maybe I should say, first commenter.
    Just as your books are written so well, your post is just as good. It seems there is a real sisterhood of authors who love our cowboys and the Old West. There simply was nothing like it. Of course, we've romanticized it, but why not? The principles remain the same and the adventure and glory are still there...we just leave out most of the grubby stuff.

    Caroline and I are so glad you like our blog and the name. We do, too, and were of one mind when we set it up. She and I both wanted you as a guest, and now...we got you! Good luck and many best wishes with your writing career...although I don't think you need any help from me.

  2. Lauri, I love your post and look forward to reading your new release. Thanks so much for guesting on the Sweethearts!

  3. Yeah Lauri! Congratulations on the new Western. Having been a pioneer who moved to the unknown I can relate to your cowboy> LOL

  4. So nice to meet you today, Lauri. I love your enthusiasm. :) My stories are set int he 49er gold rush and are lots of fun to write. I am not published yet, but 'they' keep saying westerns are on the rise. I have four awesome stories polished and ready to ride.

    Best of luck on lots of sales!

  5. Lauri, Good post! All your books show your love of the West. Thank you for joining us at Sweethearts for the day.

  6. Hi Celia,
    Thanks again for inviting me over today! I am so honored!
    Yes, we romanticize, and leave out the grubby stuff (most of it anyway.) LOL It just doesn't get better than a cowboy does it?

    Thanks, Caroline! I appreciate being a guest here!

    Thanks for stopping by, Mona!

    Keep writing, Paisley, 'THE CALL' is out there for you! I'm writing a gold mine story right now, they are lots of fun, aren't they?

    Thanks, Paty. I enjoyed being here today!

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  8. Great post, Lauri! I too love the old west and somtimes would have liked to think I may have lived during that era in a past life. But then as you pointed out it would was a difficult time. Can't wait to read your new story. Good luck with your new book!

  9. Lauri,
    Congratulations on your successful publishing of westerns. Enjoyed getting to know a little about you and your books. :-)

  10. Hi Lauri, your books sounds wonderful! I love everything about the West and love to read a good historical to escape the craziness of modern day life :-)


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