Friday, March 24, 2023

MISSING GOLD and a MIDNIGHT RAID by Marisa Masterson

The war between the states had ended. The Confederacy was toppling. Jefferson Davis remained steadfast that the cause for states' rights was a just one. He prepared to head south, wanting to reach Texas. 

Davis's plans reached the ears of bankers in Richmond, Virginia. They emptied their bank vaults of gold, entrusting it to Davis and his enterage to keep safe for a later time. After all, Union troops were near Richmond, ready to take the capital of the Confederacy. Too, Confederate soldiers planned to burn the city so that nothing remained for Yankee invaders. The gold was best removed and safeguard somewhere else.

By the time that gold reached Georgia, the plan fell apart. Davis was captured, along with his family. The gold from the Richmond banks had moved further south, no longer traveling with him by that time. Even so, Union soldiers took control of it soon after.

End of story, right? Not so quick.

In the dead of night, a group of approximately twenty-five riders swept into the camp. They surprised sleeping soldiers and seized the gold. The raiders stuffed as much of it as they could carry into saddlebags and left as rapidly as they had arrived.

Union forces took after them. Much of the gold was recaptured immediately. Some was found in later years stuffed in the knotholes of trees. However, a small amount of the gold was never recovered.

Too me, that makes for a great mystery in a historical novel. In fact, I have based an entire series around the search for this missing gold. I call it The Confederate Gold Widows.

The first in the series is already available. Here's what one reviewer had to say about Mail Order Marietta:

This sweet novella kicks off the Confederate Gold Widows series. I love mail order bride stories, and this one is rather unique. The smoothly flowing, intriguing plot grabbed me from the beginning and held me to the “to be continued” ending. The characters are diverse and compelling. I loved Marietta and Riley individually and as a couple. Interesting history adds depth and interest to the story. A gentle faith element and sweet romance temper the villainous activities. I enjoyed this quick, satisfying read and look forward to the next book in the series. (Carolyn, Amazon Review)

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Marietta is panicked after her husband’s execution. Her best choice is to marry a stranger. 

Her future with her sheriff husband hints at love until a desperate man tracks her down, intent on forcing her to give up the stolen Confederate gold. One problem – she doesn’t have it! 

Will this treasure hunter ruin Marietta’s chance at a home and family?

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