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 Christmas, no big deal? Amazingly, that was the case in the Old West. The nostalgic traditions many people love observing each year were unheard of amongst settlers until Eastern traditions headed west. 

Once upon a time, Christmas was seen as an adult holiday. It was a time for drinking alcohol and eating rich meals. For those in the West, Bible reading and a large meal would be the extent of the celebration. 

Immigrants and the Civil War changed that.

German immigrants in the West brought many traditions with them. One, the Christmas tree and candles on it, arrived with them. In fact, until after the 1920s, Germany remained the source of most Christmas tree ornaments sold in the United States. 

Santa Image Created by Thomas Nast
How does the Civil War connect with Christmas? That really involves Santa Claus. Clement Moore's A Visit from St. Nicholas was already a popular poem, even in the United States. Thomas Nast adapted that to create an American St. Nicholas. He drew cartoons for newspapers during the war that showed Santa promoting the Union cause. Santa and Christmas became patriotic after that.

Santa visiting Civil War camp, by Thomas Nast.

Merry Christmas and blessings for 2023!
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