Saturday, October 22, 2022

A Marketing Idea

 Post by Doris McCraw aka Angela Raines

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A post about marketing. Hopefully the information I glean from the marketing department where I work, or other sources will be useful to some of you.

I am starting with what we call a content calendar. I try to begin with a calendar that lists holidays for that month. The one below was available online. I also note if the month has significance. For example, March is National Women's History Month. These pieces of information are the baseline I will use as I schedule the various posts, both blog, and other social media.

Once I print the below calendar, I fill in the days when blog posts are scheduled. Next, I will note the days for social media. If I have a bookversary or new release coming soon, I will tie those pieces in with the holidays for that month. 

I do not post 'marketing' pieces, ie. where I ask people to buy my book. Instead, I work to develop relationships or followers who like what I share. Most know my passion is history, women's history, Colorado History, the Old West, philosophy, and of course, Authors. Therefore, if it is an original post, it will usually be one of the above subjects.

I also started a newsletter where I share my thoughts, tips, quotes, and photos. I felt it was time as blog readings and posts have been ebbing lately. I don't worry, for everything is ebb and flow, but I wanted to have something that would be in addition to other social and blog platforms. If you're interested here is the link: newsletter

Hopefully some of the above will help you out. If you have ideas please share them in the comments.

I've also spent time realizing a goal- a book about women doctors. I've released a short reference book about the early women doctors who are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs, CO.


Until next time, happy reading and writing. 

Doris McCraw

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  1. You're very organized, Doris. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.


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