Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Donuts & Ferris Wheels

 Post by Doris McCraw

writing as Angela Raines

Donuts and Ferris Wheels. Both are round and both are fun, but what do they have in common besides the obvious?

June 21, 1893, the Ferris wheel made its appearance at the Chicago Worlds Columbian Exposition. Although there had been other similar rides, it was Ferris whose name is the one we remember. It had been built to rival the Eiffel Tower, which had made its debut in 1889. 

Ferris Wheel - Chicago Exposition

But what does that have to do with donuts?

Well, the first Friday of June is National Donut Day a continuation of the Salvation Army's Donut Day to celebrate the volunteers who served donuts during WWI.

Additionally, it is said the first modern donut was invented in 1847 by a sixteen-year-old boy named Harrison Gregory aboard a lime trading ship. He then taught it to his mother. The story goes, he was tired of 'donuts' that were still uncooked in the middle. He punched the hole to keep that from happening.

Photo from en.wikipedia.org

At the same time, 'donuts' have been around and have been spoken of in literature since the early nineteenth century. 

So who invented the 'Ferris' wheel or donuts for that matter? It is open to discussion. At the same time, not only do they have the month of June in common, but their history is also a bit of a circle you might say.

So the next time you eat a donut or ride a Ferris wheel, think about their beginnings for history is a never-ending joy to search out. Or you could just grab a donut or two and hop on a Ferris Wheel! 

Although Maria in the "Never Had a Chance" novella doesn't make donuts, she does use food to catch her man.


Doris Gardner-McCraw -
Author, Speaker, Historian-specializing in
Colorado and Women's History
Author of the "Agate Gulch" novellas and 
the "Kiowa Wells" novels.
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  1. A fun post as well as educational. I didn't know donuts had been around so long. You always amaze me with your research. Good luck with NEVER HAD A CHANCE!

    1. Thank you. I love researching and sharing what I find. 'Never' has been around for a bit, but I love that story and want to share it.


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