Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Coffee in a Can? by Marisa Masterson

 I found it while cleaning the kitchen. An empty coffee can. 

No, not what you think. Not the container that ground coffee comes in but an actual can. Imagine a small soda pop can. Now, give it a dark brown label and fill it with coffee. 

Yes, my son drinks cold coffee from a can. Oh my. That sounds like something I am admitting in a therapy group. 

The reason I'm sharing this has to do with what I did after finding the empty can. I sniffed it. Well, wouldn't you too?

The aroma was dark and very strong. In that moment, the idea of a blue enamel pot over a campfire came to mind. Thick, bold coffee tended by the chuckwagon cook. My son's coffee was that strong, and I thought about things coming back into fashion
that seemed lost, like super strong coffee.

Or, even the love of coffee. In years gone by coffee was the main beverage after milk and water. Now, coffee is what my son's generation craves. 

I noticed that in my last years of teaching. The teens would come into my classroom and throw away coffee cups instead of pop cans. Again, what fades comes back into fashion. Even good old Maxwell House has joined the canned coffee craze.

Perhaps his coffee set my mind to imagining a cattle drive and the chuckwagon because of my own writing. For the first time (after twenty books!), I created a hero who is a rancher. That's right, after so many western romances I am finally setting a story on a ranch.

This rancher sends for a mail-order bride. If only she had arrived without a secret riding her hard. If only he could accept what he discovers about her. 

Well, some people are just more hard headed than others. Maybe they're the ones that like strong, cold coffee in a can.

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Tamsyn Glasson has a secret. Hopefully, the man who invited her west will marry her before he discovers it. Otherwise, where will she go?

On the run for almost nine months, Tamsyn agrees to marry a rancher in Montana. He wants a cook, something that causes her to believe that the marriage will be a business agreement. For Deke Collingwood, the marriage is more about the future than business. He is creating a ranching empire, and this woman will play a key role in providing the heir for it.
Not that he expected the first baby to arrive only days after she arrives.

Will the tough rancher summon up enough tenderness to accept the secret baby and also woo a wife who fears men?

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  1. Marissa,
    I enjoyed this blog. Reading about products used in the past and are still being used today is so interesting to me. As much as I enjoy my morning cup, I'm not sure drinking the strong coffee the cowboys brewed over a campfire would set well with me. Looking forward to reading your book. If you would like, I have one spot open in my March 7th newsletter to promote new releases. I'd love to include your March 12th release. You can email me at I will need book cover and links before Sunday, February 28th.


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