Friday, September 6, 2019


Rabies ~ that's a word wrapped in fear. Hydrophobia.

Have you ever watched Old Yeller? Yeah, scary.

Rabies is a disease that is transmitted by the saliva of infected animals. Common carriers are foxes, skunks, raccoons, and bats. Along with domestic dogs, cats and other animals.

You can imagine the fear in the old west when a rabid animal was spotted. 

If a human was bitten, good news, they didn't always have to come down with the disease, but bad news, if they did - it was fatal. (at least one person in the modern world has survived, But terrible odds. Get the shot if bitten.)

Even today, thousands of people (55,000)  in developing countries die every year of rabies. In America, cats are becoming increasingly infected with the disease, despite the idea from some that they can't catch rabies. (Maybe because of the increasing feeding of feral cats. The best thing a cat caretaker can do is trap and vaccinate them against rabies.)

In 1885, Louis Pasteur developed a rabies vaccine that if given in time prevents people from getting the disease. My father-in-law had to have the shots in the stomach area when he was eight and years later still remembered those needles.

Today, it's only 4 shots given in the arm. Many doctors recommend getting them if you are going to a country where rabies is not controlled.

One of the oddest old time remedies was a madstone. It's actually not a stone at all, but comes from the stomach of a cud chewing animal such as a deer or cow. Supposedly you put the thing on the wound and let it soak the poison.
I'll take the shots  : )

Rabies cases peak in the summer. 

I hope you all are enjoying the September and the hope of cooler temperatures.
Greta's Story ~ I love Greta - she's an innovative character if i have ever had one. See how she saved her family.  you might just see some reference to rabies. : )

My new release this month is Ronan's Bride and it will be out September 10th.

Have a wonderful month.  See you in October.

Patricia PacJac Carroll


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  2. Patricia, I just used rabies in the book I finished this week. I heard of a man in the 1800s who was bitten and came in and told his wife to get their sons to tie him to the bed. They did and people came to visit to tell him goodbye and what a good friend he'd been. It was sort of like a party until he finally succumbed. Wouldn't that be horrible to have known there was nothing you could do?

    1. That would be so terrifying. What's the title of your book?

  3. Rabies is still scary for sure. Mostly in my area it can potentially be bats or raccoons. The bats are the toughest as people don't realize they were even bit as the bite can be tiny. The results are not :(

  4. Rabies is scary, I'm just glad i haven't seen an animal with it. I have heard that the needles they give you the shots with are big and they hurt, but they are very necessary. Your book sounds like a very good read and I love the cover, it is Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your post about rabies. Have a Great weekend. God Bless you.


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