Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Yesterday, as I wrote the following scene for my latest novel, Ruby's Risk, I tried to envision the Nebraska prairie as my heroine saw it.

With a nod, the older woman led her to the wood-framed house. While the livery itself wasn’t painted, the house boasted a coat of slate-blue. Small saplings had been planted on both sides of the house. Small rose bushes stood to each side of the white porch steps. The woman obviously loved her home.

“The color is lovely. I’d expect it to be white, but this color is one that has become very popular in my hometown in Massachusetts.”

The widow beamed. “I had my sister send it out. I do like pretty things.” Then her expression abruptly changed. “I’d hoped it would help me forget this horrible, barren prairie. No trees, nothing green and lovely.”

Unable to stop herself, Ruby looked beyond the home to the horizon. Though the summer heat had begun to turn the grass brown in spots, wildflowers and a sea of waving green met her eyes. She saw freedom and beauty. How this poor woman must hate this place if she couldn’t see that.

What does Ruby see as she looks at the horizon? What types of flowers will Buddy, her newly acquired son, pick for her when he wants to bring Mama a bouquet?

The first plant I found in my research was the blue wild indigo. It's native to the Midwest and can be found in states besides Nebraska. When I looked at photos of the plant that grows to about four feet tall, I could imagine a small boy being drawn to the beautiful color as well as the fact that the plant would be about his height.

A second plant I found in my research was yarrow. It can grow to be about three feet tall. Imagine the four-year-old surrounded on the prairie by these flowering plants. Won't this lacy, white blossom look nice in Mama's bouquet?

 A third plant for the bouquet that caught my eye was the silky aster or western silver aster. Unlike the yarrow which is found on multiple continents, this plant is native to the central plains of the United States. Neither Ruby nor Buddy would have seen this plant before their move west.

Imagine the three together to see the bouquet as the little boy presents it to Ruby. And what does she do when he hands it to her? She sticks the blossoms in a Mason jar and places it in the middle of her kitchen table, of course--just like my own grandmother always did.

 I'll let you know when Ruby's Risk becomes available next month for pre-order. In the meantime,
Grace for a Drifter is available now at Amazon.

Will a second chance at love reunite this husband and wife or will their past tear them apart again?



  1. Wow, your latest novel sounds like it is a good read! Grace for a Drifter sounds like a very good read also, and the cover is Beautiful, I love it. Thank you for sharing this article and good news! :)

  2. Lovely photos. I especially like the blue wild indigo, which I don't believe I've seen. Your new book sounds like another good read.


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