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Survival in the West by Paty Jager

She was shunned by society.
He must fit in to survive.
Will their love be enough to battle both their demons?

Anyone who reads my books has learned that I don't sugar coat anything. Life is harsh. But no matter how harsh if we have hope, find love, and live life to our fullest, we have won.

My Silver Dollar Saloon books have heroines who have found themselves wishing they were dead, that the man who beat them had killed them, or that they could hole up somewhere and not deal with humanity anymore. They all have had a past that most would have given up over, but they all have been found by the owner of the Silver Dollar Saloon and given a reason to get up every morning and have been shown that they are still a valued person who should have friends, love, and a feeling of community. 

Back in the late 1870's when my stories take place, most saloons consisted of a bar, a few tables for drinking, and a few for gambling. The whiskey was watered down and the quality of beer might be not as good as they touted. Women with questionable reputations delivered the drinks and gave favors upstairs. Many of these women were kept like slaves or prisoners to keep the thirsty men coming back to the establishments. Many saloon owners  were the equivalent of today's pimps. They didn't care for the women other than to make sure they were selling whiskey and selling their bodies to whoever asked. 

My character, Beau Gentry, is different. His background makes him very conscious of how badly woman can be treated and what lengths they will go to keep their children and themselves alive. He finds women who have been cast aside by their families, their churches, their husbands, and gives them a job at his saloon. A saloon where the men are not allowed to touch the women or make lewd remarks. The best whiskey and beer are sold and the woman sing and dance as well as deliver drinks. But because of Beau's strict rules and the steely presence of Mrs. Dearling in the boarding house where the women stay, the community doesn't reject or look down on the Ladies of the Silver Dollar Saloon as they do the other saloon girls in town. 

Here is my latest release in the Silver Dollar Saloon series.

Lottie Mae
Book 2 Silver Dollar Saloon series

Lottie Mae Peck believes she isn’t worthy of anything more than being a saloon girl after a brutal attack. However, the school needs another teacher and her heart has taken a liking to a soft-spoken man.

Manfred Albrecht suffered a loss shortly after arriving in America. The voluptuous Lottie Mae catches his eye the first time he walks into the Silver Dollar Saloon. Her intelligence and good humor as she teaches him to read and write English, stirs feelings he thought he’d never have again.

But her happiness may be fleeting. The man who sent her life into a downward spiral years ago arrives in town, destroying her hard-fought battle to believe she deserves more.

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Paty Jager is an award-winning author of 34 novels, 8 novellas, and numerous anthologies of murder mystery and western romance. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters.This is what readers have to say about the Silver Dollar Saloon series: “Paty Jager brings her characters to life, right off the pages of her book. You will laugh, cry, be sad and get angry right along with the characters.

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