Friday, September 22, 2017


I have enjoyed every book I’ve read by Jodi Thomas. This is no exception. Seeing well-loved characters pop up with new ones makes this a fascinating read.

Having grown up in West Texas, I believe I know where Ransom Canyon is. Whether I’m right or not, the series is a must-read for anyone who loves western romance and the Southwestern culture. Jodi Thomas brings the land in as a character as well as the people in her stories.

Blade Hamilton has inherited a ranch and comes to investigate the likelihood of being able to sell the place. His land is separated from his nearest neighbor by a dark blue lake, Indigo Lake. When he meets his neighbor, Dakota Davis, he learns the Hamilton and Davis families are enemies.

Dakota’s grandmother, who I instantly loved, makes certain Blade knows he is treading on dangerous ground by setting foot on Davis land. Dakota’s sister, Maria, was blinded in an accident but still cooks as if she were sighted. Maria sells her jams and jellies in town.

Another thread of the story deals with Lauren Brigman and Lucas Reyes and Reid Collins. Reid is the one who claimed to have saved himself and friends when they were fifteen, although Lucas was really the hero. Now, Reid is in trouble.

I really can't reveal more without giving spoilers.  I will say I was happy to see some loose ends pleasantly resolved. Once again, Ms Thomas weaves together a compelling story unable to resist. Don’t miss this book. At the back is a reprint of the novella, WINTER CAMP, as a bonus.

I must give this book 5 stars!  

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