Friday, February 10, 2017


WILD HORSE SPRINGS is the latest in Jodi Thomas’ Ransom Canyon Series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, as I have her other series. I feel I know the characters in the town of Crossroads that I’d recognize them if I met them on the street.

Sheriff Dan Brigman was first mentioned in book one in this series. He’s respected, honest, dependable, a good friend, a concerned father, and a man on whom the town can depend.

Dan’s wife abandoned him and their daughter Lauren years ago, although she shows up occasionally. Now, Lauren has graduated from college and moved to Dallas to write a novel. So, Dan is alone at home—when his job lets him go there.

How does the sheriff of a small town date? Many women in town would be happy to catch him. He's aware of the gossip that would ensue if her asked a woman on even one date. The only women he meets are usually speeding or bailing their husband out of jail. He won't even let friends set him up with their unmarried relatives for fear of hurting their feelings when he doesn't ask for a second date.

In WILD HORSE SPRINGS, Dan is driving along and—in the middle of the deserted highway—he finds a single sparkly, blue lady’s boot. He wonders about the kind of woman would own such a boot.

When he finds Brandi Malone, she's as beautiful and wild as he guessed she might be. At least, he thinks she is—but that’s her stage appearance and not the real Brandi. What drives Brandi to move from one small bar to the next when she has a voice good enough for Nashville? Why is a woman this beautiful alone?

The other story in the book deals with Lauren Brigman, who returns home defeated and wishing she’d never left. She hasn’t recovered from losing Lucas Reyes. Will Lauren's homecoming lead to heartbreak or a second chance for her and Lucas?

Obviously, I recommend this book to anyone who loves westerns, contemporary romance, or just well-written books. Let me insert a brief excerpt of the book to illustrate what I mean:

When he turned onto the county road on the third Friday in November, featherlight snow circled in the cruiser’s headlights as if the beams caught winter’s breath dancing in the dark along the silent stretch of highway. The first freeze of the season was whispering across the flatland, but Dan feared a storm would rage in a few hours.”

Can’t you visualize the scene painted by Ms Thomas’ words? She is a gifted author and I eagerly await her next release.


  1. Sounds like a fun read. Gotta love those lawmen in the West, even in modern times.

  2. Wasn't it fun to read about Dan? From the time I first 'met' him, I wanted to know more ... and I was so hoping he would find true love. I appreciated the maturity of the story ... it matched Dan and Brandi. I wish Jodi could write them as quickly as I can read them :-)

    Nancy C

  3. I've lost tract of Jodi Thomas. I once read every book she wrote. Somewhere along the way, I drifted away. Thanks for bringing me back, for she is a wonderful writer.

  4. Don't think I've ever read her. Another author to add to my must read list. Will someone please add an eighth day to the week so that I have more time for reading? :-)

  5. I met Jodi years ago when she was just becoming so well known. She truly is a fine writer and a nice person. Wild Horse Springs sounds like a fun read. Thanks for telling us about it, Caroline.


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