Friday, November 20, 2015

Cowboy Prayer of Thanks

by Lyn Horner

I found this cowboy prayer on the Pioneer Woman blog. Beautiful thoughts as appropriate now as in the "Old Days".

I’m not too good at prayin’, Lord
and You may not know me very well.
For I haven’t been inside a church,
in quite a long, long spell.
But You may still have seen me, Lord,
here on this dusty trail,
herdin’ after cattle
through the snow and rain and hail.
And as I ride I do give thanks
for the miracles I see ~
the clear blue sky, the buttercups,
the buzzing little bee.
I give thanks for the soft green grass
that feeds the cattle that we tend;
it also gives my bed some comfort
when the day is at an end.
With each hill and valley,
along each dusty mile,
I find some beauty You created
and I cannot help but smile.
I’m far from being a preacher, Lord,
but I’ll offer my humble prayer
that love and kindness will be my guide
as I’m roamin’ here and there.
I pray that I might live my life
in a way that brings You joy.
But if I slip every now and then,
take pity on this poor cowboy.
–Author Unknown

Ree Drummond, the famous owner of this blog offers some yummy Thanksgiving recipes, including for leftovers.
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  1. Very nice post, Lyn. I hadn't heard that prayer before.

  2. Thank you, Caroline. I can't take credit for it but I do love the thoughts expressed.

    Happy turkey day! (As my husband calls it.)

  3. A great Thanksgiving prayer the cowboy way.
    I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday!


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