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Did you hear the news?! Forty-five authors came together to write 50 mail-order bride stories taking place in all 50 states (although a few were territories at the time). I’m so proud and excited to be a part of this!!

A common prequel is now available and will start each story. The year is 1890 and a textile mill in Massachusetts has burned to the ground leaving the women who worked there without employment or prospects. But hope springs eternal with an idea for many of the single women to become mail-order brides.

Another exciting aspect of this project was many of us joined together in correspondence groups linking the stories of two to four of the women together. So, watch for name dropping and letters in each story to guide you to the various linked tales. (Here are those books attached to Gillian's. We had the best group!)

AMOBTemplate_00 Rose-Bride-of-Colorado    

When are the books released? The prequel is already FREE on Amazon! Starting NOVEMBER 19th there will be a book released EVERYDAY through January 7, 2016! Many of the stories are already up for pre-order! Check them out on:!

Additionally, many of the authors will have their stories in KU!

Is there an order to read the stories?
After the prequel, there is no set order to the books. Read away and enjoy!

AliceBrideofRhodeIsland AMOB-mollie-cover-4 PatienceBrideofWashington VictoriaBrideofKansas-1

The heat level for all the stories is PG!

DarbyBrideofOregon-1 Florida-cover GenevieveBrideofNevada MadelineBrideofNebraskaFinal

There is also a Sooper Prize!

Beginning November 19th, readers may share the book of the day from the Facebook page and be entered into a Grand Prize drawing. At the end of the release period (January 7, 2016), a Kindle will be given away along with one ebook from each author’s list of books. So, on November 19th start sharing to win! NOTE: the books on the Kindle will not be the American Mail-Order Brides Series books.

To find out more about the series and to see all the gorgeous covers visit:

Or join us on Facebook at:

My story, GILLIAN: BRIDE OF MAINE will release December 11th! But it is up for Pre-Order right now!!  GILLIAN: BRIDE OF MAINE PRE-ORDER

Gillian Darrow fled her father’s house in Maine before he could put his evil plans into action. Now the actions of another unscrupulous man have left her without employment and few prospects. Following in the footsteps of other women from the factory, Gillian decides to become a mail-order bride. The advertisement from a lighthouse keeper in Maine catches her eye, and Rhys Chermont’s letters catch her heart. She hopes the lighthouse keeper can guide her home.

There’s only one problem…Rhys Chermont never posted an advertisement for a wife and never wrote any letters to Gillian Darrow.

The last thing Rhys Chermont wants is another wife. While life at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse keeps Rhys busy, he has to admit it would be nice to have a helpmate. The solitary life of a lighthouse keeper drove his first wife into the arms of a wealthy shipbuilder and led to a scandalous divorce. Luckily, for Rhys other forces are at play during the Christmas of 1890, and in Gillian he just might find the light that leads him home.

 Kirsten Lynn is a Western and Military Historian. She worked six years with a Navy non-profit and continues to contract with the Marine Corps History Division for certain projects. Making her home where her roots were sewn in Wyoming, Kirsten also works as a local historian. She loves to use the history she has learned and add it to a great love story. She writes stories about men of uncommon valor...women with undaunted of unwavering devotion ...and romance with unending sizzle. When she's not writing, she finds inspiration in day trips through the Bighorn Mountains, binge reading and watching sappy old movies, or sappy new movies. Housework can always wait.


  1. I can't wait to read this story! I love reading about the lighthouse keepers. It sounds like such a romantic job and I would definitely have checked out his mail-order bride ad. Thanks for sharing, Kirsten!

    1. I so loved writing this story C Patterson. I've loved lighthouses for years, there's just something about them, and Rhys is a lighthouse keeper to hold onto. Hope you enjoy reading Gillian and Rhys' story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  2. Fantastic, Kirsten. I still don't know how you all were rounded up for this series! It's a clever idea, for sure.
    Where can we get the FREE prequel? I can't find it.

    1. I think those who came up with the idea just threw the lasso wide and hoped a few of us would join the crazy plan. :)

      Sorry, I forgot to include the link to the prequel, I just updated the post so the link in under the cover.

      Thanks, Celia!

  3. I got it, Kirsten! Thanks bunches and good luck with your book in the series.

  4. This was a great project idea and I had fun being one of the others in this group. And, I plan to read all the books myself to see where all the brides ended up. Thanks for the good post about the series, Kirsten.

    1. It was a fun project. I so enjoyed working with all the authors and Gillian and Rhys' story became a favorite. I'm planning to add these to my collection, as well. Thanks for stopping by, Linda!

  5. Thanks for the promo, Kirsten. This is an exciting project. I hope a gazillion people buy each book.

  6. Sorry I'm so late getting here.
    What an undertaking--50 stories from 50 states! That's amazing. How did y'all manage to round up all the authors for this one? I think it's fantastic and I wish each of you the greatest success. Readers seem to love mail order bride stories and having one from every state makes it all the more attractive. All the best to you.


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