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SISTERS by Tanya Hanson

I am so excited to be back in the corral here at Sweethearts of the West. Thanks for inviting me, cowgirls.

Anyway, anybody who knows me knows that reading Little Women when I was eight set my goal to be a writer. Someday, somehow.

And it’s all about a set of sisters. So with my new release, Sisters, out July 24, I simply must regale you with trivia about those March sisters and their stories. See how well you do. (Answers appear at the very peeking now.)

1. Who is the oldest March sister:
a) Amy;
b) Jo;
c) Meg;
d) Beth.

2. Jo works for:
a) Aunt March;
b) The Boston Beacon;
c) the Weekly Volcano;
d) Mr. Laurence.

3.  When Amy burns Joe’s treasured manuscript (Horrors! No back-up or Dropbox...) what melts Jo’s fury?
a) Amy marries Laurie so Jo doesn’t have to.
b) Amy contracts scarlet fever.
c) Aunt March threatens to send Amy to art school in Paris.
d) Amy falls through the ice on a frozen pond.

4.  Beth becomes ill with:
a) consumption;
b) scarlet fever;
c) influenza;
d) appendicitis.

Little Women author Louisa May Alcott
5. Meg marries:
a) Ned Moffat;
b) John Brooke;
c) Friedrich Bhaer;
d) No, she doesn’t. She remains single.

6. Beth dies at age:
a) 19;
b) 18;
c) 17;
d) 16.

7. Originally a two-parter, the second half of Little Women (Part 2 today) was called:
a) Good Wives;
b) Army Wives (this was, after all, Civil War times.)
c) Little Children;
d) The Last March.

8. Aunt March’s home is called:
a) Fruitlands;
b) Orchard House;
c) Apple Farm;
d) Plumfield.

9. Meg’s children are officially christened:
a) Jack and Jill;
b) Jack and Daisy;
c) John and Jane;
d) John and Margaret.

10.  Little Women led to two sequels:
a) Little Men, and Little Children;
b) Joe’s Boys, and Meg’s Twins;
c) The Finale March, and The Final Chapter;
d) Little Men, and Jo’s Boys.

So, what’s with Sisters? Specially since I never had one. Well, when I answered the call to write a mail-order-bride story, hmmm, I wanted a new angle. So debutante Elspeth Maroney leaves her stinkin’, cheatin’ bridegroom at the altar. Problem solved except...prim and proper—and curious—Ellie has had a quickie indiscretion with Said Bridegroom and now, ahem. Needs a mail-order-husband just for a month.  Until she knows for sure she isn’t, you know. But if she is, then, she’s covered.

But her intended, handsome Colorado rancher Hezekiah wants a wife for life. Ellie’s conscience prickles and her heart flutters upon meeting the gorgeous cowboy. Read all about it in Her Hurry-up Husband.

Anyway, my editor (the talented, ever-patient and most excellent Cheryl Pierson) flat out said...Elspeth’s sister Judith has GOT to get away from their awful mama. Hence...(this is an important word in the story)...Judith has her own set of adventures and romance in Her Thief of Hearts. Beautiful socialite (her). Darling orphan and...An outlaw! Bad-boy “Black Ankles” holds up a speeding train, and she’s on it. Along with Elspeth’s spurned bridegroom! Oh no. Can her beloved Tremaine rescue her in time?

And now, both stories are releasing in one set. Isn’t the cover dreamy?  What fun, two-for-one.

(To make it more fun, Tremaine’s brother Ronnie has his own love story coming out at Christmas...)

Anyway, Sisters is joined by another two-fer by my friend Tracy Garrett. A River’s Bend Duo. I wanted to share it with you today.

Wanted: The Sheriff
Martha Bittner may be considered a spinster at twenty-seven, but she’s not planning to stay that way. For four years, she’s wanted the sheriff of River’s Bend, Missouri, to notice her as more than a friend and a really good cook. With the first annual spring dance only weeks away, Martha decides to announce her intentions — and declares the sheriff a wanted man.

Sheriff Matthew Tate always thought he was better off a bachelor. Growing up in Boston society, where marriage is a business transaction and wealth his greatest asset, he’s learned to distrust all women’s intentions. None of them even catch his eye anymore — until pretty Martha Bittner tells him exactly what she wants… and he wonders why he ever resisted capture.

No Less Than Forever
Doctor Franz Bittner is satisfied with his life as it is. He has a good practice in a place where he is respected, in spite of his German birth. He has good friends and enough income to provide him with a few comforts. A wife would only complicate things. Then a tiny blond stranger is pulled from the river and everything changes. With one smile she captures his attention—and steals his heart.

Rebekah Snow Redmann barely survived her abusive husband’s attack. Though she was given to him to pay her father’s debts, she’d rather die than go back. Then she ends up in the care of the handsome local doctor and he stitches up more than her wounds—he mends her soul. With him, she discovers everything that she believes she can never have...a love that will last forever.

Sisters and A River's Bend Duo are two of the twenty-one ebooks that are part of Prairie Rose Publications' Christmas in July event, which starts July 24. All of the stories are priced 99 cents or $1.99. Prairie Rose will be hosting a fandango on Facebook to celebrate the event. All of the authors who have books in the sale will be there, and I hope you'll join us, too. You can find more information about the party—including the nice prizes we'll be giving away—and sign up here.

All right. Here are the answers!
1-c; 2-a; 3-d; 4-b; 5-b; 6-a; 7-a; 8-d; 9-d; 10-d

A native Californian, Tanya Hanson lives on the central coast with her firefighter husband and considers their son and daughter the best thing she’s ever done. After a career teaching high school English, her life is blessed with a happy home, exciting travels, good health, and best of all--two little grandsons. Volunteering at the local horse rescue and recent trips to the Rockies of Colorado and Alberta prove the West is where she wants to write! Visit her at her website,



  1. I failed the test. Bombed, really. Of course, I knew of Little Women, but they never enthralled me as they did others. But when I read this book in my 20s, I realized the appeal and endurance of the series.
    Sisters. I've though many times to write a trilogy about sisters, but I am the middle of three sisters, and knowing me, I pattern one after myself, one after my younger sister, and one after my older sister. And trust me..I'm always in enough trouble with my sisters--they are a team and I'm left out--so a trilogy about sisters would not work.
    Congratulations on the books with PRP!

  2. Hi Celia, I didn't have a sister, got stuck between two brothers who grew up into not very nice people. Sob. But my husband gave me the best sister ever when I married him. His sis is practically my best friend, and I realize why the Lord made me wait so long to get one. She's priceless. We go places and people think we really are sisters for the things we say and do. Yay, what a compliment. Thanks so much for stopping by today. It's so good to be back here! xoxox

  3. I love Little Women but this way beyond my knowledge level LOL. Congrats on the short story releases. Both are wonderful reads, along with Tracy's too! :-)

    1. Thanks so much for the support, Kristy. I had such fun writing both stories (and Ronnie's too... It was one of those times when a character tells you they need their own story!) as well as creating fictional East Slope, Colorado. The town's name comes from the dorm my daughter stayed in during her study abroad in England... Some of her typos had it "East Slop" ... How could I not recycle that lol? Xox

  4. Congrats on your Duet! Love reading your blogs.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Connie, and for your kind words. I hope you liked learning a bit about the March sisters today!

  5. Tanya...I didn't even try. I just read the questions and then went and read the answers. I read Little Women but I think I must have been too young for it to enthrall me as it has so many others. Because I KNOW it is a wonderful story!

    Your Sisters Duo is wonderful, and Tracy's duo is as well--and at the very last minute, we slipped one in with two of Kathleen's stories, as well--The Dumont Brand. Christmas in July at PRP kicks of on FRIDAY and we are so excited about these wonderful stories AND the Facebook Fandango we'll be hosting on the 27th and 28th!


    1. Aw, you're so kind, Cheryl... So grateful for all the opportunities at PRP. So fun to write for you! Xox

  6. When I first heard of, Little Women, I was watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie. I think I got a couple answers right because of watching the reruns. That's cheating, right? LOL Your stories sound very exciting. And what a creative blog. Nice job.

    1. Thanks, C.A., I love Little House, too. Thought about some Ingalls trivia too but didn't want the blog too long. Maybe some other time 😀. So glad you enjoyed it and so glad to see you here!

  7. The duo sound like a great combination! As for Little Women, I didn't do too bad with the quiz, but...

    Thanks for the challenge. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines

    1. Howdy, Doris, so glad you could stop by. Means a lot!

  8. Tanya, slipping away from the Romance Writers Convention to say thanks so much for the March sisters trivia--and for giving my River's Bend family a bit of the reflection from your spotlight. I love writing about siblings, too.

    1. Aw, Tracy, thanks for taking the time from your busy RWA schedule. I wish you so much success with your release. I'm kinda sad I'm not there now ... Have fun!

  9. Ugh, I couldn't remember any of the answers! Too old I guess. :)
    Sounds like wonderful stories, Tanya, but then your books always are. xo

    1. Oh Dora, my rock!!! Thank you! I've just been a little more obsessed with this book than normal people... I taught Louisa May Alcott in my American Lit classes. So happy you could stop by today. Love you!

  10. Did pretty decent on the test!!! Love your books, T - and the Sisters sound awesome!! Blessings and love, always, sweet friend o'mine!!!! xo <3

    1. Yay for your good grade on my quiz,, Marianne, my wonderful friend. Thank you thank you for stopping by today! Means the world!!!

  11. Did well on the test...all except Megs twins names. I think it was more from loving the movie though. I loved the book but read it too many years ago to remember these facts. Your duo of stories sound like great reads!

    1. Hi Kathryn, I am so happy you came by today!!! Thank you! I thought it a very cute fact Meg named her kids after herself and hubs. Xoxo

  12. I did abysmally on the quiz. :-D

    Tanya, we're so glad to have you guest-posting here in your old stomping grounds. You always come up with interesting topics. We've missed you!

    I'm looking forward to reading the two stories in SISTERS again when it comes out on Friday. And the two stories in Tracy's A RIVER'S BEND DUO, as well!

    1. Kathleen, you have been such a pillar of support. I hardly have sufficient words of gratitude. I have to reiterate, it was a crushing decision to leave my regular position here at Sweetbearts, but sometimes I gotta give in to that overwhelmed-ness. :(. So I am honored and thrilled to be back here today.I love and admire all my fellow Sweethearts! Xox

  13. Tanya, congratulations on the new duo release. I was also a fan of Louisa Mae Alcott. Best wishes on the new release.

    1. Caroline, thanks to all y'all for the invitation to come spend a couple of days! So glad you like LMA as much as I do. And thanks for your good wishes. Love and hugs...

  14. I passed the test. Little Women was one of my favorite books in elementary school. Some friends and I even did a play with our own version of the book...we made its comedy, so I burned Jo's little black book instead of her manuscript. Good luck with your new release.

  15. Thanks for stopping by, Keena! And congrats on your new medieval!


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