Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Yee-haw! It’s finally here: Prairie Rose Publications’ second-annual Christmas in July. All of the Roses have been a mite excited for weeks now. The event stirred up the corral something fierce, not least because twenty of us wrote the short stories, novellas, and novels that are part of the event. We were sworn to secrecy until yesterday, when the corral gate opened and the herd spilled out a-whoopin’ and a-hollerin’.

Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret like that? PRP founders Cheryl Pierson and Livia Washburn Reasoner had their hands full muzzling the herd.

The first Christmas in July around these parts contained only six Christmas short stories written by the six original Prairie Roses. This year’s special sale contains a total of twenty-five heart-warming volumes overflowing with tales about love all year round, plus two additional collections of traditional westerns. Most are priced at 99 cents; five of the ebooks are $1.99 because they contain two stories each.

Is that a deal, or what?

Here’s a quick look at the twenty-one ebooks that released today. Aren’t the covers fantastic? After creating every single one of them all by her lonesome, Livia deserves a break, don’t you think?

Many of this year’s Christmas in July short stories were published last year in one of PRP’s popular anthologies. If you’ve been waiting to try a story by a writer whose work you haven’t read, now is a great time to curl up with a heart-melting tale that will sweep you away to the Wild West. At 99 cents, how can you go wrong? And who knows? You may discover a new favorite author.

Six of the novels on sale for 99 cents have been available for a few months and are some of PRP’s most popular offerings.

More than a few of the Christmas in July stories were written by award-winning and best-selling authors, including James Reasoner and Livia Washburn Reasoner, two of the western genre’s enduring favorites. Some of the ebooks made Amazon’s Top 100 lists during the pre-sale period. (Thank you, early birds!)

You can find more information about all of these extra-special releases on a special page at the PRP website. Take a look. We bet you’ll find something you like.

Because we’re always looking for an excuse to kick up our heels with readers and friends, the Prairie Rose family will host one of our infamous Facebook Fandangos on July 27 and 28. Twenty-one authors will be there to stir things up. RSVP by clicking on the image.


Come join the festivities! The Roses will be giving away lots and lots of prizes, including ebooks and autographed print books, jewelry, Amazon gift cards, cowboy gift bags, and other western gear anyone would love to win.

As a heartfelt thank you for joining us in this celebration of PRP authors and their work, we’ll gift an ebook to several of today’s blog visitors. Simply comment below to be entered in the drawing. Winners will be picked at random and will get to choose their prize from the list of today’s twenty-one new releases.

Thanks for stopping by, and merry Christmas in July!


  1. I attended the fandango yesterday, Cheryl, and had fun. I couldn't stay for the entire party, but enjoyed myself while there. Great idea to have Christmas in July. I could use some cold weather to go with your idea, couldn't you? Best wishes for continued success.

    1. Thank you, Caroline! We always have so much fun at those things, but then we're worn out for the rest of the week. LOL But it's so worth it. I'm glad you got to come for part of it. I had to leave early yesterday for my birthday dinner. LOL

  2. Yee-haw! I'm exhausted after last night's shindig. What a wild time! All of us made fun new friends who are as crazy as we are. I can't wait to do it all over again tonight. :-)

    1. Kathleen, are you still in bed today? LOL I felt like it and I didn't do half of what you did. We sure had a good time, didn't we?

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  4. Thanks for hosting the fandango! Great fun. Sorry I had to miss the party last night. Sob.

    1. Tanya, I had to miss some of last night too. I sure hated that, because those are always so much fun.

  5. With only four commenters, let's just award a prize to everyone! Y'all e-mail me at fabkat_edit@yahoo.com and let me know your choice of the Christmas in July books, pictured on the graphic above, and I will send you a free code for that book! Thanks to everyone for stopping by!


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