Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Release - Cora Captures a Cowboy by Linda Hubalek

Cora Captures a Cowboy, book 4 in the Brides with Grit series is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This clean, sweet western romance features Dagmar and Cora, who have been side characters in previous books of this series.

Here's the tagline
She has four days to talk the cowboy into marrying her...or it's back to Boston as another man's bride.

And the Description
Bostonian Cora Elison arrives unannounced at her family’s ranch in Kansas, after her fiancé changed her status from bride to bridesmaid—at her own wedding. But after a few months, Cora thanks her lucky stars that he did because she has found a set of loyal friends, a way of life she relishes, and a cowboy she has become to love. 

Dagmar Hamner and his family emigrated from Sweden to work on a Texas ranch, working cattle and herding them north over the Chisholm Trail. After his family decides to settle permanently in Kansas in 1873, he is hired for the foreman’s job at the six thousand acre Bar E Ranch. 

All goes well for the Swedish cowboy until the absentee owner’s daughter arrives, wanting to learn how to become a rancher. Time makes them best friends, until a telegram arrives saying Cora’s parents are bringing an unknown groom to Kansas for her, insisting she be married when they arrive. 

Cora asks Dagmar to marry her, but he balks at her proposal. Between confusion and interference, will Cora be able to capture her cowboy in time to haul him to the altar?

You'll have to read Cora Captures a Cowboy to find out what happens to this fun-loving couple!

Now I'm writing Sarah, Ethan and Marcus story, Sarah Snares a Soldier, Book 5 in the series. This book will feature Fort Wallace in western Kansas so I'll post the history of this fort in next month's blog. 

Thanks for stopping by today at the Sweethearts of the West blog.

Linda Hubalek


  1. Linda, I look forward to reading your new release. You know I am a devoted fan.

  2. Those Bostonians can talk the Devil out of sin, but they do it with that weird New England accent. I wish you all the best with your new release, Linda. Shoot, we all like those stories about a woman talking a man into marriage. LOL You behave now.

  3. Thanks Caroline and Sarah. I can always count on you two stopping by. Please enjoy the latest release of the Brides with Grit series.


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