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Ten Tidbits About My New Novel

By Stacey Coverstone
As an author, I’m often asked if I base my characters on real people, or if the things that take place in my books have happened to me or to people I know.  Usually, my answer is no.  However, such is not the case in my latest western romance. 

This book is titled BIG SKY and it’s a contemporary romance set on a ranch in Montana, and it includes some paranormal elements (read Ghost). Although I don’t live on a ranch, or in Montana, I have had an experience with a poltergeist. But the similarities between my real life and this book don’t stop there.  For this story, I’ve used several events from my life as inspiration for plot points, as well as featuring my pets as characters and naming several characters after friends and family.  I thought it might be fun to share a few tid-bits in this regard.

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1.  The fictional town of Prosperity is based on the town of Butte, Montana, where my author friend, Melissa Blue, lives.  She often talks about how beautiful that area is, which is why I decided to set my story there.

2.  A few of my animals are characters in this book.  My husband’s paint horse, Bill, is the hero’s horse. However, one difference between the real Bill and the fictionalized Bill is that our horse is not sensitive to spurs.  My former Haflinger mare, Dusty, also shows up as one of the horses the heroine, Taylor, rides. And when I decided to give Brett, the hero, a pet, my gray cat, Caesar, seemed perfect for the job. 

3.  The owner of the western store where Taylor and Brett shop is Mrs. Kruse, my aunt, who is very supportive of my writing.

 4.  The cowboy bar in my story called Maverick’s is based on an actual cowboy bar in Jacksonville, Florida that I went to with six of my friends during a girlfriend vacation.

 5.  The scene where Taylor rides a mechanical bull was inspired by my real-life experience in riding a mechanical bull for the first (and last) time.  My adventure took place, incidentally, at the cowboy bar mentioned above when I was 51 years old.

6.  The pony my heroine had as a child was called Tony, much like my husband’s pony when he was a boy.

 7.  The scene where Taylor gets thrown from her horse and knocked unconscious is based on a real-life incident that happened to me. However, the animals involved are not the same.

 8.  Two female characters, the hero’s ex-wife and the nurse for Taylor’s mother, were given the names of my daughters.  When I began this story, my youngest daughter asked why I hadn’t put her and her sister in a book yet, so I did. Hopefully, they won’t be able to relate to the characters. (You’ll have to read the book to see what I mean).

 9.  A music professor who is a friend asked me if I was going to put him in a story someday, so I made him one of the wranglers at the Slash Y Ranch.  When I recently told him he’s a cowboy now, he got very excited.

 10.  Models for the characters in this story are actors Timothy Olyphant, Jamie Anne Allman, Rachel McAdams, Adam Beach and A. Martinez. If you read my book, drop me an email and give me your guesses on who is who.

 Here’s the blurb for BIG SKY:
 Taylor never expected her reluctant homecoming to include a murder, a ghost…and a hunk of a ranch foreman. 

Photographer Taylor Young fled to L.A. following her sister’s betrayal six years ago. Now Jamie’s dead, Mama has broken a hip in a drunken fall, and Taylor’s stepfather begs her to return to her family’s Montana ranch to make amends.
After a bitter divorce, Brett Austin, foreman of the Slash Y Ranch, believes horses are more of a sure thing than women. But the boss's daughter changes all that when she sets his heart bucking like a wild bronc. 

 When Taylor’s mother insists Jamie’s death was not suicide—a theory confirmed by Jamie’s ghost—Taylor wonders who could have wanted her sister dead. With a list of suspects as long as her camera strap, Taylor needs an ally. Could that person be a tall drink of water in a cowboy hat?~*~*~*~

 And here’s a short excerpt for you:
“Don’t you have some cattle to rustle up? Or fences to mend?” Taylor slammed her foot on the gas pedal and rubbed her throbbing temples.
“You’re not going to get that vehicle started,” Brett stated. “It needs to sit. Hop on back.” He patted the horse’s rump. There was a mischievous twinkle in the horse’s eye.
“Thanks. But I’m not going to ride on the back of that animal with you.”
“Because I don’t know you or that paint.”
Brett shrugged. “Will’s not going to like it if I leave you stranded.”
“I’m hardly stranded. The car will start soon. Or I’ll walk.”
He flicked the reins. “Giddy-up, Bill.” With a cluck of Brett’s tongue, the horse took up a slow trot.
Taylor peered through the windshield and watched the man’s body sway in rhythm with his gelding’s gait. He knew how to sit a horse. But what did he know about cars? He might understand as much about vehicles as her—which was next to nothing. She could be waiting here for an hour.
She glanced down at her heels wishing she had on more sensible shoes. Walking a mile down a hard-packed dirt road would destroy them—and her feet.
Darn. Perhaps she should reconsider the cowboy’s offer.
Taylor flung the car door open and jumped out. Planting her feet apart, she placed two fingers between her lips and whistled.
Brett told Bill to whoa and tossed his hand over the saddle horn. His and Taylor’s gazes locked. His intense stare burned a hole into her. Her head angled in question. Suddenly, she felt as if her slacks were made of see-through paper. When he lifted his hand and waved her forward, she narrowed her eyes at his cocksure grin.
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BIG SKY Available Now in Print, Ebook and Kindle


  1. Celia, thank you for having me as a guest today. I love SOTW.
    Readers: if you leave a comment, you'll be entered for a chance to win an electronic copy of my book, BIG SKY. Good luck!

  2. Hi, Stacey! Great post--I'm very intrigued by "Big Sky"--especially since you invited me to find Timothy Olyphant! Just the invitation I have been waiting for ; )

    I really enjoyed your book "A Haunted Twist of Fate", which is written with great western flavor, humor, and some spooky chills and thrills! The romance was terrific--smokey sweet ; )

  3. You like Timothy, too, huh, Virginia? He makes a perfect hero for my heroine in this book. Glad you enjoyed A Haunted Twist of Fate.

  4. Loved the excerpt!! I also enjoyed all the tidbits of information you shared. I'd feel really strange writing sensually about my sons or grandsons, which is why I'll never have a hero named Steve, Mike, Tim, Josh, Ryan or Gavin. Nope, just couldn't do it. All that aside, I'm wishing you great sales. Sounds like a great, great read.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Vonnie. To be clear, the characters with my daughters' names are not characters with any sensuality attached to them. At all. I could never do that either. Yuck. lol

  6. Interesting post, Stacey. I always find it fascinating how people want to be put in books. I shall look forward to reading Big Sky.

  7. Wow Stacey sounds like another winner...and one I'd love to win!

    Good luck & God's blessings.


  8. Thanks for stopping by, A.D. and Pamela. Good luck to you both.

  9. Stacey, I'm intrigued--but then, when am I not! Of course, I have to read this soon. I cannot wait! Great post and I'm excited about it. Keep writing! Love you!

  10. I love that you used your pets names for animal characters in your book. I know your friends and family were honored by having their names attached to your human characters.
    Montana is beautiful country. I traveled with my firends when I lived in Omaha and had a chance to see most of the states in the north midwest. I like the title, Big Sky, too.
    I'm surprised to learn you haven't inserted elements of your life in previous books.
    A ghost? A mystery? Murder and mayhem...sounds like a very exciting story to me.
    I wish you all the best.

  11. Hi Stacey. So nice to meet you today. How fun that you are able to use what is around you to add color and texture to your stories.

    Enjoyed reading your excerpt. the advantage to having your story set where you live or have traveled is that you can add the spice and give the reader a sense of being in the story with your characters.

    Best of luck with lots of sales. :)

  12. Stacy, I love your cover. I've always wanted to visit Montana, and look forward to learning more about it from your book.

  13. Very simple, I will be reading this one! Sounds fascinating!

  14. Welcome, Stacey! Please give Paul a hug from me.. I love that your real life names and experiences show up in your stories! OXOX

  15. I know I'm late to post a comment to win, but I had to tell you how terrific this book sounds. It makes me want to look up your others, which I will when I buy this one. Also, just between you and me, I'll spend a little time ogling the cover. WOW!!!

  16. Hi, Really fun post. Enjoyed the pictures. The ranch was beautiful and of course Timothy Olyphant is a perfect hero. Love him! Good luck with your sales.


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