Monday, September 12, 2011

"Do Not Give up Your Father's Home."

Whoops! This post snuck up on me. I can't believe it's nearing the middle of September...Where did my summer go?
The third book of my spirit trilogy set among the Nez Perce of NE Oregon has been contracted. This book takes place along the route the Wallowa, and a couple of other bands of, Nez Perce take to avoid being placed on a reservation far from the burial grounds of their fathers.

"Do not give up your father's home" were the words that haunted Young Chief Joseph as he and others led the Nez Perce farther and farther from the land they knew and tried to keep their people free.

By reading the first two books of my trilogy the love the NezPerce felt for the land is apparent. Not only because their fathers and mothers were buried within the fertile soil but because it was their home, where they hunted, fished, played, and loved one another with equal fierceness.

The Wallowa and Snake River bands weren't at the treaty signing that took away their lands. Each time General Howard came to Joseph to get him to remove his band to the reservation, Joseph told the one-armed soldier they were not present at the signing of the White man's paper. They would not leave the land of their fathers. Joseph was a pacifist like his father and believed in talking things through and not shedding blood. But when young warriors with hot heads were easily goaded by the impatient white men who wanted the fertile valley, Joesph had to flee, the army was not longer listening, they wanted action. When young warriors of his band bloodied their hands Joesph knew the worst would come.

He packed up his band and along with the bands of White Bird and Looking Glass headed for freedom.

Spirit of the Sky is the story of that journey from an Indian spirit whose job it is to keep the Nez Perce safe and the cavalry officer she falls in love with.

I'm not sure when this book will be released but until then you could check out Spirit of the Mountain which garnered a first place paranormal finish in the Lories Contest and Spirit of the Lake. Both books will give you an entertaining insight into the life and love the Nimiipuu(Nez Perce) feel for their land.

Paty Jager


  1. Paty, I love the story of the great peace chief, Joseph. Yet his military campaign to try to save his people was so brilliant Howard declared him one of the greatest American generals...he just fought for the wrong side.

    I loved Spirit of the Mountain and can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy. Best wishes.

  2. I am loving this series!!


  3. Congrats, Paty. This is a great series, and so interesting!

  4. It still makes me sad to think about the treatment of the Native Americans. This was quite a story, one I've not heard before. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your books.

  5. Paty, such a sad part of our history. I hate that American Indians were treated so poorly, yet I cannot say I regret living where I do. My Cherokee ancestors escaped removal, but they kept their ancestry to themselves for several generations, making the blood lines difficult to follow. I'm impressed with the depth of your research.

  6. Thanks, Tanya. But to read the Indian account of the campaign, Joesph wasn't the military mind, he was all about taking care of the people. The other chiefs launched the counter attacks.

  7. Thanks, Marybelle! I'm glad you're enjoying the stories.

  8. Paisley, growing up in the Wallowa Valley it's all I heard about. And why I had to write a book about this amazing group of people.

  9. Caroline, It hasn't been easy getting information to make my books ring true.


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