Thursday, September 22, 2011

4.5 Stars from RT for Wild Texas Wind

I hope you'll forgive me if it sounds like I'm bragging, but I can't help wanting to shout this from the rooftops.

My historical western Wild Texas Wind is reviewed in the October issue of RT.  Here is the review:

An excellent story with a spitfire heroine, a great hero and a wonderful, slightly humorous climax.  Readers who enjoy a more traditional western with a strong romantic element will enjoy this.

Summary: Hired gun Raz Colt wants to live quietly on his own ranch so he sets out to rescue kidnapped heiress Arden O'Hara and earn the reward. But Arden set up the kidnapping herself, hoping her fiance would ride to her rescue. She is not happy when Raz shows up, even when he kills a man she doesn't beleive was trying to kill her.

While Raz drags her toward home it's clear that someone is sending hired guns after her. He struggles with his attraction to her, knowing they can't have a future. But Arden is slowly discovering that Raz is someone worth waiting for.

(My only quibble is that they mis-rated the book as "mild".  I worry some poor, unsuspecting reader who prefers their romance on the sweet side will pick it up and get the shock of their life, LOL.)

Thanks for letting me share that news today.  Like so many authors I know, I remember reading RT when I was a young, wannabe author and dreaming of the day my book would be reviewed by them. Wow.  Somebody pinch me....


  1. Awesome, Nic!! Congrats! It's deserved.

  2. fNic, I loved that book and am not at all surprised RT also loved it.

  3. Thanks, Paty and Caroline. It was a wonderful surprise.

  4. NOW I am all eager to read WILD TEXAS WIND to "get the shock of my life". Still laughing.


  5. NICOLE--you deserve time to brag! I haven't submitted anything to RT, but I do know the value of a high rating from them, and I also know they are rather stingy with their high ratings. So, my dear, you have earned the right to show off your 4.5 stars! Well done, and best wishes for great success for this novel. Celia

  6. Nic,
    Huge congratulations for the great review in RT! So happy for you. :-)

  7. Nic, that is awesome! 4.5 is the highest rating they give at RT. TIME PLAINS DRIFTER received a 4.5 star rating from them, and let me tell you, I was on cloud nine for DAYS, as I'm sure you are, too. I can't wait to get my hands on WILD TEXAS WIND. It sounds wonderful--like just the kind of book I love. CONGRATULATIONS again!


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