Monday, March 14, 2011

Western Words

by Anna Kathryn Lanier

This past month has been really rough for me. On Feb. 16th, my mother went into the hospital and spent the next 2 weeks in ICU, 12 of those days on a ventilator. Though still in the hospital at this time, she is, I’m happy to say, making a slow, but what looks to be a full recovery. I appreciate the many prayers and good thoughts uplifted in her name that I know my fellow Sweethearts of the West sent her way.

Because I’ve spent most of the last month at the hospital, I’ve not been able to do much in the way of writing or research. So, I’m going to fall back onto one of my tried and true blog posting – a vocabulary test. No, not for me….for you.

The words and their definitions are from WESTERN WORDS: A DICTIONARY OF THE OLD WEST by Ramon F. Adams.

Just match the words to what you think are their correct definitions. Leave a comment with your ‘test’ answers in the comment section. On Wednesday, I’ll draw a winner from those commented for a “Ride ‘em Cowboy” wall plaque. Ex. 20-Y, 21-X, 22-Z.

1. Knobhead
2. Sea Plum
3. Desert Canary
4. Maleta
5. Snuffy
6. Music Roots
7. Hairpin
8. Rope Meat
9. Dewey
10. Anti-godlin

A. An oyster
B. Mount a horse
C. Burro
D. Six-shooter
E. Sweet potatoes
F. Spirited
G. Victim of a hanging
H. Mule
I. Bag made of rawhide
J. Going diagonally or in a round-about way

Anna Kathryn Lanier
"A story full of emotions... hurt, loss, and betrayal, turning it into a story of love, family, and happiness. A seasonal read, A Gift Beyond All Measure delivers on it's title." ~Talina; Night Owl Reviews


  1. I had never heard of one of these, but that answer was the only one left, so it has to be right unless some of the others are wrong.
    1 is H, 2 is A, 3 is C, 4 is I, 5 is F, 6 is E, 7 is B, 8 is G, 9 is D, 20 is J. Or, maybe I made these up to confuse people. Naw, I would never do that.

  2. This was hard. I think maybe 8 is correct. I had to really guess at 7 & 9.
    Here goes:


    Judy :)

  3. Kathryn,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. Thank goodness she's doing better. I'm sending prayers and white light her way. :)

    Here are my answers. Wish me luck...

    1. Knobhead - H
    2. Sea Plum - A
    3. Desert Canary - C
    4. Maleta - I
    5. Snuffy - F
    6. Music Roots - E
    7. Hairpin - B
    8. Rope Meat - G
    9. Dewey - D
    10. Anti-godlin - J

  4. I'm too tired to play, but I think a desert canary is a burro, right? Sea Plum has to be an oyster. I guess!

    I hope your mother continues to improve.

  5. Sorry to hear of your mother's illness. I hope she continues to improve.

  6. Anna,
    So glad to hear that you mom is on the mend. I know how exhausting it is for you being at the hospital so much. Take care of yourself, too. I wish I had two sane thoughts to rub together right now--I'd take your test. But alas, my brain cells are fried and still recovering from the flu.

  7. Anna--keeping your mother in my thoughts and prayers. I juts love the lingo of the Old West--it's so much fun to sneak in a word or two in my contemporary western romances. Great list!

  8. Knobhead - H. Mule
    Congratulations to D'Ann for winning the drawing for the "Ride 'em Cowboy" plaque.

    And here's the answers. How'd you do?

    Sea Plum - A. An oyster
    Desert Canary – C. Burro
    Maleta - I. Bag made of rawhide
    Snuffy - F. Spirited
    Music Roots - E. Sweet potatoes
    Hairpin – B. Mount a horse
    Rope Meat - G. Victim of a hanging
    Dewey – D. Six-shooter
    Anti-godlin - J. Going diagonally or in a round-about way


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