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Author Interviews - Kristy McCaffrey

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This is the beginning of what I hope will become a way for readers to connect with some of their favorite authors. Simple interviews to give us an insight into the mind and process of writers. 

First up is an author whose 'Wings of the West' series should be on everyone's - To Be Read List 

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Interview with Kristy McCaffrey


Thanks so much, Doris, for the chance to chat with these fun interview questions.


How did I decide to write for publication?

      I’d written for myself since I was a little girl, but when I finally finished my first novel, I was curious to see if I could get published. I was 33 years old. I was able to work with a small press for several years before going independent. I learned a lot back then and while the drive for publication certainly involved financial reasons, it also pushed my work to the next level. I’m the type of person that needs a goal to stay motivated.

 Do you write for the market or yourself?

      In the beginning, it was nearly 100% for myself, but as I grew my writing business it became necessary to assess market conditions if I wanted to remain doing this. Today, it’s a combination of both.

 My writing routine:

      I’m not a morning person, so I find it a challenge to be creative as soon as I wake up. I usually read and/or do puzzles (crosswords as well as the daily Wordle) while eating breakfast, and then I do admin stuff. After lunch, I write for 2-3 hours. If I’m behind on either the writing or business stuff, I’ll work for a few hours after dinner then watch TV with my husband.


Do you research while writing or before?

      Before, during, and throughout revisions. I never stop really. I’m an information junkie. It’s an asset at times, but also a negative. As I’ve gotten more books under my belt, I’ve become more selective about this process and don’t lose myself as much in it anymore.

 Do you “interview” your characters before you write their story?

      No. I like to build story and character at the same time. This isn’t an ideal process, however, because it generally involves a big rewrite after the first draft (because I’ve finally gotten to know my characters). But it’s the way my brain likes to work, so I’ve given up fighting it.

 Do you like to write short or longer stories?

      I’ve written both. I like the compressed process of shorter stories, but nothing beats the complexity of a longer book.


 Where did you get the idea for your latest release?

      I keep track of older story ideas, and this was one of them. THE NIGHTHAWK is Book 10 in my Wings of the West series, but when I was brainstorming I needed an idea quick (I was setting up a pre-order at the end of the previous book and I was out of time). So I repurposed a plot I’d developed over fifteen years ago and had never used.

 What advice would you give to those who dream of writing, or what advice would you give your younger self?

      Start writing. Keep writing. Read widely. Take criticism with discernment. Learn to pick yourself up after receiving criticism. Don’t let setbacks run the show. Surround yourself with authors better than you and pay attention. Be nimble and pivot when needed.

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Thank you Kristy for sharing your story and writing with readers. THE NIGHTHAWK is up for pre-order now on Amazon. Don't wait! And be sure to follow her so you don't miss out on new releases.

Until Next Time: Stay safe, Stay happy, and Stay healthy. 


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  1. Thank you for the great questions, Doris, and a chance to stop by Sweethearts!! Cheers ~ Kristy


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