Thursday, February 22, 2024

Helen & Me, the journey continues

Post by Doris McCraw 

aka Angela Raines

Photo (C) Doris McCraw

I recently had the opportunity to speak on the subject of Helen. It was liberating to speak about a person I  was passionate about instead of being Helen in a costume.

You may ask why this was liberating? When you are speaking as a character you can only speak about what the person would possibly know. It's like writing in first person. 

When you speak about someone you can add all the extra details, the people who knew them, what they thought of them. Even though I am not a fan of making assumptions, in the case of Helen, I feel I can make some educated guesses.

For example, Helen used to go out riding in her carriage on Sunday mornings. I've been studying her for over twenty years and while she may have had a twinge of hurt at what people said about her not going to church, I feel confident in saying she preferred her worship to out in the outdoors. Her love of nature would make this a safe assumption.

I feel privileged to have spent so much time with this amazing woman, even though centuries divide us. Even today there are pieces I want to explore. One example, her mentor Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higginson was said to be a stoic. Did this philosophy rug off on Helen? I shall be exploring.

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