Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Fashion Back in the Day

Today, women can wear just about anything or nothing.
But back in the day, it was an entirely different story. Women wore clothes. Lots of clothes all at one time.   In fact, The Rational Dress Society was formed in 1881 in London was formed, and they promoted corsets that did not deform the body and believed women shouldn't wear more than seven pounds of underwear.  The bloomers were promoted by Amelia Bloomer a women's rights activist promoting safer and more comfortable clothing.  
I live in Texas and can't imagine putting on all the clothing that is suggested back in that day. No wonder women looked so worn out.

A rather odd fashion statement in the 1880s was the bustle. Something like a trunk you wore over your hips in the back. Some even opened up to put items in them. Another innovative approach was a bustle that was blown up to size. Great idea except when it leaked.

The bloomers began in the 1850s but took off during the advent of the bicycle age in the late 1880s and 1890s.  

So as you go shopping for clothes, be thankful that you're not putting on more than seven pounds of undergarments.  

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay cool.  Hooray for shorts and flip flops. 

I have a book coming out in September that will deal with some of the fashion of the day as Summer Vance decides to grow up and dress respectably.  A fun book in the Belles of Wyoming series.

Summer Vance finds injured animals and brings them home to her veterinarian father to mend, but when she finds cowboy-wannabe Spencer Brannon limping on the prairie, her dad just might need to mend her heart, too.

Spencer Brannon wants to prove he can be as tough as his Wyoming cousins, but after he trades in his Connecticut suits for spurs, chaps, and the open range, he realizes he falls a little short, and he sure doesn't need a love-struck girl following him around.

But nothing can spark love quicker than a summer storm and a blossoming young woman who believes in a young man and his dreams.


  1. That's a gorgeous cover, Patricia. I can't imagine wearing so much clothing. The undergarments combined with the dresses sometimes weighted fourteen pounds. And can you imagine that clothing in our Texas summers? No wonder women sometimes swooned.

  2. Fashions for both women and men have taken some very strange turns down through history. While majoring in fashion design at art school, I studied such absurdities as leg-o-mutton sleeves, bustles, unbelievably wide hoop petticoats, men's platform shoes, cod pieces and mutton-chop whiskers, just to name a few. Nowadays all we have to cope with are guys in baggy pants that barely stay up, gals in ratty jeans that stop well below the and navel and, well, you get the picture. In a word, fashions are often NUTS!

    1. That is true. I bet it was interesting to see what people wore throughout history.

  3. Wow, that is a lot of clothes they had to put on, I'm glad I'm here during this time! Your book sounds like a very good read and the cover is Beautiful! I enjoyed reading this post, Thank you so very much. Have a Great week. God Bless you.


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