Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The story behind "Lorna Loves a Lawyer" by Linda K. Hubalek

I try to use a realistic situation for my historical romance stories, even if it ends up being a sweet and clean version for the reader.

For Lorna Loves a Lawyer, book nine in the Brides with Grit series, I thought about different scenarios a mail-order bride might find herself in.

I'd done the "groom died before the bride arrives" in Millie Marries a Marshal. In Lilly: Bride of Illinois, her groom turned out to be a saloon owner with plans for Lilly to be soiled dove, instead of his wife.

So what if the bride arrives, they marry, and then the groom disappears the next day? That put a whole new twist on the story, especially if she's left penniless in a frontier town. Of course Lorna Jantz's neighbor, Lyle Elison, comes to her rescue, and they fall in love along the way.

Here's the description:

A sweet historical romance set in 1873. Lorna Jantz left Boston looking for adventure, signing up as a mail-order bride for a rich Kansas rancher. But, the groom only becomes rich after taking off with her money, after their twenty-four hour marriage. Which left Lorna in a pickle, stuck in a little town with no money, no home and a growing belly.

Lyle Elison was one of Boston’s worst, a spoiled, rich merchant’s son, until enforced time on the family’s Kansas ranch made him see his purpose in life. After training in Boston, he’s back in Clear Creek, Kansas, as the town’s new lawyer.

Backgrounds make Lorna and Lyle connect, but time spent together makes them good friends, willing to help each other face their respective problems. Lorna needs help tracking down the louse who stole her money and left her in a family way. Lyle needs to be married by his birthday to receive his inheritance from his grandfather’s Will.

In between their capers, each falls in love with the other, secretly wishing they could confess their love and be together forever. But first, they have to find Lorna’s wayward husband before Lyle’s birthday.

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I'm sure situations like this in the 1800s didn't always end up as happy as Lorna and Lyle's story, but we can always hope a few did.

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Linda Hubalek


  1. This is good. Believe me, a "new" twist to a mail order bride story is becoming harder and harder to come by. But I think you have a good one going here. Good luck! And I do like the cover.

  2. I wish you great success with your new release, Lorna Loves a Lawyer. All the best to you, Linda.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, ladies!


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