Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Release: Sarah Snares a Soldier by Linda K. Hubalek

 Sarah Snares a Soldier, Book 5 in the Brides with Grit series is ready to read (at least Amazon's ebook version)! 

Here's the description of this clean, sweet historical romance set in 1873.
Rancher’s daughter Sarah Wilerson has been engaged to Ethan Paulson, a Clear Creek hotel manager, for two years. Although Ethan is a nice man, Sarah has postponed the wedding twice, unsure whether she can live and work in the family’s hotel—alongside an overbearing mother–in–law.
West Point–trained Captain Marcus Brenner was stationed at Fort Wallace in western Kansas, and wounded in a skirmish with the Cheyenne Indians. He has been discharged from the army and recuperating at his uncle’s ranch in Ellsworth County, Kansas. There he meets Sarah, who helps him recover from his wounds and nightmares. Marcus falls in love with Sarah, but refuses to consider marrying her because of her engagement to another man. And, due to his battle injuries, he may not be able to give Sarah the houseful of children for which she yearns for either.
Unable to bring herself to go through with her wedding on the third date set, Sarah leaves her groom at the altar and rides after Marcus, determined to convince him to marry her.
Fate throws a challenge in their path when they suddenly become guardians of six young children. Can Sarah convince Marcus to become the father the children need, and the husband she wants?
Sound interesting?

The "Brides with Grit" series is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This clean, sweet western romance series features strong women finding love on the Kansas frontier.

Comparing publishing now versus then... 

It's always fun to see your finished book go "live" on the internet. It's so much different to publish a book, compared to twenty years ago, when we sent manuscripts and proofs back and forth through the mail to the editor, cover designer, publisher, etc. And books were ordered by the pallet load instead of a few books at a time.

But think how books were published back in 1873, when a person was typesetting each word by hand, in a very hot room, one inky metal letter at a time. Anyway, I assume that's how it was because I wasn't there to experience first hand.

I'm happy to write about the 1870's instead of living in that time period, especially with the terrible heat and humidity we've had in Kansas this summer.

What about you? Would you like to live on the frontier back in the 1870's full-time, or for a week, a day, an hour? Please leave your comment below, and we'll see who's the strongest "Women with Grit" to read this post!

Thanks for stopping by today at the Sweethearts of the West blog! I appreciate it!
Linda Hubalek


  1. Linda, your alliterative titles are such fun. I, too, love writing about the frontier, but I am glad I live now. Even though I love reading and writing about history, I am addicted to my creature comforts. I may not have grit, but I have air-conditioning, comfy clothes, and a great desk chair. ☺

  2. Hi Caroline, I'd love to explore pioneer life...for about a day...on a nice spring or fall day. Maybe twenty years ago I would have chosen a week, but not as I get older.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Let me just say out houses would be a real good reason not to yearn for those frontier days, Linda. Ick!
    I want to wish you great success with Sarah Snares a Soldier.
    All the best...

    1. Hi Sarah, Oh yes...outhouses. We didn't have running water in our house until I was six, so I remember those days...and I wouldn't want to go back to using them again. Thanks for the best wishes on my latest book!


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