Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Alamo

I flew into Texas two days ago and had every intention of making this a long and interesting post with all sorts of information I’d discover while visiting the Alamo (and other historic places) this week. However, too many other things have taken over my schedule. Therefore, here are a few pictures. 

The Alamo, built in 1718, was San Antonio’s first of five Spanish missions built along the river and was made famous when Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie gallantly fought in the 1836 Battle for Texas Independence.

The Alamo

A huge oak tree growing in the square at the Alamo

A miniature replica of the great battle

The River Walk

I'm sorry that my pictures do not do this wonderful city justice. It is full of history and culture.  This is my first trip to San Antonio, and I have decided I must return when I'll have time to explore all the wonderful places I'm only hearing about this trip.



  1. Hi Lauri, have fun in SA. I love the Alamo. Such an ironically peaceful, serene place now. Great pix.

  2. Lauri--have a wonderful time, and you can tell us more another day. The Mexican market is nearby, and you might now want to miss that.
    Have Mexican food and a margarita!!!

  3. Lauri, I hope you have time to enjoy some of my favorite sights in San Antonio: Casa Rio for Mexican food on the river walk, the Mexican Mercado, the historic homes walk, and all the missions are only a few of the city's treats for visitors. I am feeling depressed I'm not there at RWA's conference.

  4. Thanks, Ladies.

    The conference was a blast! Ate Mexican food several times. After having afternoon tea at a tea shoppe with all the HQN historical editors and writers, we toured the historic homes. Amazing! Of course I shopped...had to. Enjoyed myself the entire time, now I'm in recovery mode. LOL.


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