Friday, May 16, 2014

White Horses ~Tanya Hanson

Now, how about some white horses!

Just like in the school room--I'm a  teacher, I can't really have favorites, but these three glorious horses from the rescue where I volunteer totally captivate me. That's Bridge, above, and Hart, below. They are both Arabians. And Hart absolutely glows in the sun. Hart is our Houdini-Einstein, a smart mischief-maker. Bridge finally gets to be a "horse" and play with other horses after a life as a breeding stallion spent mostly in a small stall. Look at his adorable elfin ears!

The pretty lady, below, is Pearl, a cremello perlino. She has the most beautiful blue eyes! And I get to walk her sometimes--like me, she has a few pounds to lose.  She actually "became" my hero's horse in my story Covenant, for the Wishing for a Cowboy anthology, and I'd adopt her in a heartbeat if I didn't live on a suburban cul-de-sac.

I am showing off these three beauties today because all my covers for the Lawmen and Outlaws series feature white horses, too. Since I just got the galley edits for Book Three, Outlaw in Love. I have to share the gorgeous cover, below. Galley edits means my last chance to change or fix anything before final publication. (OIL, as my fabulous editor and I call it, will release later this year.)

 Outlaw Bride, came out last summer.

Book One, Christmas for Ransom, came out Christmas 2012, a real cuddle-up snowbound romance.

All three books deal with members of the Ahab Perkins gang...outlaws who really aren’t bad to the bone. Each one will steal a piece of your heart as he/she gets redeemed. (Yes, one's a girl.)  And while doing edits for Outlaw in Love, my editor thinks a fourth bad boy from the stories needs to find his soul...hmmmmm.  Let’s see how we might save “Rattler” Rawtelle!)
Please let me hear some ideas on how to fix up an outlaw!
BLURB for Outlaw Bride, available now: 
She survived her own hanging. 
     Left to die by her outlaw brother and his gang, Jessy Belle Perkins gets a second chance at life..and runs. She doesn't count on being rescued by handsome Cleeland Redd, a former cavalry scout who is nothing like the rank, filthy outlaws she's accustomed to. But can she trust him with the truth about who she is?
    When Redd leaves her at a rundown convent, she realizes that if her outlaw brother returns for the pearls hidden in the hem of her dress, the man she loves and the nuns who have given her shelter will be in grave danger.
     He stole her heart.
     Still mourning his late wife, Cleeland Redd guards his heart against the suspicious but lovely woman he finds lost and unable to speak. When he learns her secret, he decides a fake marriage will be just the thing to draw Jessy Belle's brother into a trap. But if he puts her brother behind bars, he might lose Jessy Belle for good--and forever destroy the hope of their pretend marriage turning into the real thing.
BLURB for Christmas for Ransom, available now:  
Meet a good-hearted outlaw and the woman who gives him her heart...before she realizes it’s HER horses he stole!   Member of the notorious Ahab Perkins gang,  “Canyon” Jack Ransom promised his beloved gram-maw on her death bed long ago that he’d learn to read. After growing a conscience and leaving his past behind,  he hires Texas schoolmarm Eliza Willows to do the deed while she, unbeknownst he’s the crook, hires him in return to “track” the thief of her granny’s prized Morgans.  Falling in love with each other is fast and furious but real...and the two getting snowbound at Christmas while gun-battling Ahab and the gang only adds to the fun!
BLURB for Outlaw in Love, coming mid-2014:
On the run from his gang, having robbed his own sister, outlaw Ahab Perkins has no place to go but good. He’d give his heart to Teresa in a single beat...if the beautiful woman in gray weren’t a...nun.
Unbeknownst, Teresa Avila is as wanted as Ahab, hiding out in disguise at a rundown mission. After her crimes and her evil stepfather’s abuse, she’s convinced she’s not good enough for any man, not even the outlaw she’s falling for.
Enter a burned-out homestead, an abandoned little girl and a kindly sheriff...and both find love as they guide their souls out of darkness.


  1. Tanya, looking forward to your new release. Loved the other two stories!

  2. Aw, thanks a ton, Caroline. I gotta say, thisonr ot my editor teary-eyed . xo

  3. Tanya--you are so talented. The premise for each book is a winner--oh, how I LOVE to redeem a man in a story--so, your books are right down my alley. Even is one is a female that needs redeeming.
    I'm especially impressed by you work with rescued horses. That is just wonderful, and these white one? I love then all. No wonder you work so well with them.
    Thanks for the great photos.

  4. I really appreciate that you rescue horses, Tanya. It must be a very good feeling to know you changed a horse's life for the good.
    The Covenant was a wonderful story. I remember Pearl in that story.
    The pictures of your rescue horses really touched my heart.

  5. Hi Celia and Sarah, my sweethearts!. Thanks for tour kind words. Xo I really found something special at the rescue, and I learn so much about horses, and love. They're all beauties.


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