Friday, June 28, 2013


Summer has started off with a bang for me, in a fantastic way. I wanted to share with you all what my year has been like (the good parts of it!)

I always think when summer rolls around I will have more time. I think this started when my kids were little and I looked forward to not having to get up and make the school run every single morning, and then again in the afternoon. Even though it never happened the way I thought it would, for some crazy reason, I believed it would be that way year after year.

The one thing I did get a little more of in the summer was reading time. At least, it seemed that way. This summer I’ve had several new releases of my own I want to tell you about. Some of these are re-releases in a different format, but others are brand new!

KANE’S DESTINY is the third and final book in the Kane trilogy. It was released a few months ago. Each of these books were released separately (KANE’S REDEMPTION, KANE’S PROMISE, and KANE’S DESTINY) but then we decided to release them all under one cover as KANE’S CHANCE. Why? There are a couple of contests I’d like to enter, but there is no category for these shorter works. With a bit of editing and shaping, the stories were made into one continuous novel, and many readers have said that's been a great idea for them, too!

KANE’S CHANCE was released earlier this month and is available in both print and digital formats.

These “KANE” stories are for all ages, young and old alike. And everyone in the middle. They’re a “coming of age” tale about Will Green, a young boy who is kidnapped by a band of renegade Apaches after his family is killed. The first two books deal with that part of his life, and the last one, KANE’S REDEMPTION, deal with one of his biggest fears—his Bostonian grandfather coming west to claim him and trying to force him to leave Texas and go back East with him.

When KANE’S CHANCE begins, Will is ten years old, and by the end of the book, he’s thirteen. The adventures he has, the changes he goes through, and the inner torment he deals with throughout the stories speak not only of the maturing process every young man must go through, but also, his realization that the deaths of his entire family hinged on the poor judgment of his father. This is not a romance, but I hope you’ll find it to your liking all the same. Here’s the blurb for KANE’S CHANCE:

My name is Will Green and I have to share the story of how I met Jacobi Kane or I'll bust from holding it in. Apache renegades murdered my family and took me prisoner when I was ten. I never believed I'd live to see another sunrise, but Kane appeared as if from nowhere and fought to save me. Never saw a man so determined before, but I did have to step in and help a bit.

I didn't know at the time that Kane kept a secret from me, one which might change my high opinion of him. Then he met Laura, and she helped both of us heal in different ways.
Later on, once we settled down on a place of our own, Kane led a band of lawmen in their mission to annihilate the renegades responsible for killing my folks – and Kane's first wife and children. Laura sent me along after them, just to be sure Kane stayed safe. It turned out to be good planning on her part.

Once I turned thirteen, my own doubts crept in as to whether I actually should be with the Kane family. Then my wealthy grandfather showed up from back East, determined to take me to Boston. Took some doing for me to learn the true meaning of family and just where I belonged. In the end, my grandfather and I faced a fight for our lives and, once more, our survival relied on Jacobi Kane and me. Now, I've got a family fortune to deal with – one I never knew about or wanted – one someone else wants bad enough to kill me for.

But I've found my place in life, with Kane's help, and I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon...

And speaking of romance, I have a brand new western historical romance, GABRIEL’S LAW, which will be available in the next few days! It’s coming out through WESTERN TRAIL BLAZER. Here’s the blurb for it:

When hired gunman Brandon Gabriel is double-crossed, it seems that his luck has run out. But Gabriel has more than luck; he has Allison Taylor, a lost angel from his troubled past who turns up and turns the tables. Old love blooms and new wounds begin to heal as Brandon and Allie tentatively make plans, but danger and self-doubt cast shadows on their hopes. When Allie and her ranch are threatened by an old enemy, long-buried secrets come to light and the stakes have never been higher. Will Brandon discover his chance at happiness in time to fight for it? Can Brandon and Allie confront the past, face down their demons, and forge their dreams into a future?

One thing Brandon doesn’t count on is the fact that Allie has already set a plan in motion that includes bringing orphans to her home—orphans like she and Brandon had been, early in life. Remember Travis Morgan from Fire Eyes? OK, that’s all I’m gonna say!

Christmas in July at PUBLISHING BY REBECCA J. VICKERY will see another of my short stories (Christmas, of course!) released as a “single sell” story for .99. THE WISHING TREE was first released in the VICTORY TALES PRESS A 2012 CHRISTMAS COLLECTON. Now, it’s being offered as a stand alone story, and I’m thrilled.

Pete Cochran, a war veteran with both visible and invisible scars, is mostly a loner, rather than scare children. Then a special woman with a son walks into his life as he works at his father's Christmas tree lot – a woman with problems he can't ignore.

Maria Sanchez and her son Miguel eke out an existence on her part-time earnings, but share an abundance of love, except when terrorized by her drug addict relative. When she meets Pete, she sees him not as a frightening man, but a wounded hero returned from war. Her son seems immediately drawn to the unusual Christmas tree vendor.

Will a special tree – a wishing tree – contain enough magic to fulfill all their Christmas desires?

This is a lovely, heartwarming story that I hope will touch you as it did me.

Now, back to the old west and the WOLF CREEK series with WESTERN FICTIONEERS! One of the characters I created for the post-Civil War Kansas town of Wolf Creek is Derrick McCain. He was introduced in book 1 of the series, Bloody Trail, and with the recent release of WOLF CREEK BOOK 5: SHOWDOWN AT DEMON'S DROP, just a few weeks ago, his past comes back to threaten his sister, Kathleen.

The brutal Danby gang paid dearly for their raid on Wolf Creek. But some of them escaped, and their new leader Clark Davis is hungry for revenge -on the town, and on the man that he believes betrayed the gang, Derrick McCain. Seminole scout Charley Blackfeather, meanwhile, wants his own revenge on Davis for his actions in the the Centralia Massacre. Blood is going to flow… Appearing as Ford Fargo in this volume: Robert J. Randisi, Bill Crider, L. J. Martin, Wayne Dundee. Cheryl Pierson, and Troy D. Smith.

Last but not least, another delicious entrĂ©e from the Wolf Creek writers will be available on July 2. WOLF CREEK BOOK 6: HELL ON THE PRAIRIE, is different than the others. It’s the first Wolf Creek anthology. I loved this idea because each participant is able to write a short story featuring their character(s) and show a depth to their character they might not be able to convey in a collaborative effort such as the other books before this have been. My story is called IT TAKES A MAN, and of course, Derrick is at the center of this one.
When Derrick and his mother are ominously summoned to the Cherokee settlement of Briartown, Derrick is determined to set things straight with the man he’s learned is his real father. But once he arrives, he’s distracted by the beautiful cousin, Leah Martin, of his best friend’s wife. Leah is hiding a secret—one that could be the death of her. Once Derrick discovers it, will he walk away? Or will he save her…and possibly himself? IT TAKES A MAN to do what his heart tells him.

I sure hope this will provide you with some ideas for some stories you might enjoy over the summer! There’s something here for everyone!

I'm giving away an e-copy of KANE'S CHANCE to one lucky commenter today! For a chance to win, just leave a comment and your contact info. I'll draw the winner on the evening of June 29th!



  1. Cheryl, you certainly are a prolific writer, with high quality books. I'm so pleased you added to Jacobi Kane's story. I love that story, and love Will, too. Wishing you continued success.

  2. You've been soooo busy!
    Gabriel's Law is the one I'm waiting for. I remember going through the first scenes for you, but of course I never read the entire ms. Now, I will..I'll get it, but when I'll get to it is another question.
    The cover for GL is fantastic. Did Karen do that one? Or who? It's just about your best cover.
    Good luck with this one--I expect it will do very well.

  3. A nice selection of books, Cheryl. I have been leaving the last hour or so each evening to read and I can't tell you how much I have been enjoying it. I have over 600 books in my Kindle and most of them are unread as of yet. It's a shame not to read when part of your world involves books.

    Have a great summer.

  4. Caroline,
    Thank you so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Kane books so much. They are some of my favorite characters, even though it's not romance.

  5. Hi Celia!

    Yes, Karen did the cover for Gabriel's Law, and I just absolutely love it. Yes, I remember you reading the first part when I was getting ready to send it off to contest! That's been a while back. LOL I'm glad to finally get this one out.

  6. Paisley,
    That's a great idea. Make time to read ought to be a rule for all of us. I'm hoping to eventually get back to being able to read for pleasure again--most of my reading is editing for others. It's work. LOL

  7. Congratulations on all the wonderful stories, Cheryl! You are a very busy writing-bee!

    I've started to do some reading these days. But like Paisley, I've got hundreds in my Kindle still to go. I'm catching up on some historical fiction that isn't western, just to broaden the brain, but I still love me those cowboys.

    Hugs~ xox

  8. Thanks, Tanya! A lot of these have been "in the works" for awhile. I'm going to have to get busy writing again! LOL More Wolf Creek in the future, and some other things that have been hanging fire I just need to finish up and get on with. I'm hoping that 2014 will be the year to start some brand new longer stuff. But I have to admit, I'm loving the short stories and novellas, too.
    Hugs, girl!

  9. Cheryl, Kane's chance sound great. It's going on my TBR list.

    I'm coming from the opposite eend of the spectrum length-wise. I've written a series of lengthy novels, but am starting a series of novellas. It's a challenge to write in a shorter time frame.

  10. All of these books look wonderful. I'd love to read KANE'S CHANCE thank you.


  11. Thanks, Lyn! I really enjoyed writing Kane's Chance.

    I started with novels, then did some short stories. It seems I always have a novel on the back burner and it takes longer and longer to get them finished as I'm working on the shorter things, too.Yes, you're right, it is quite a challenge to write a short story or a novella!

  12. Thank you Mary! So glad you came by. I will enter your name in the drawing!

  13. The winner of the drawing for the digital copy of KANE'S CHANCE is MARY PRESTON!!!!

    Congratulatons, Mary, and thanks so much for coming by today!



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