Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Waltz

My Victorian Holiday Novella, Another Waltz  releases in just four days from The Wild Rose Press. Though it is not technically a western, I hope that since the hero is from Texas, it will be okay to post.


After a magical waltz in a winter wonderland with the only man who has ever made her believe she is beautiful, Madeline Winthrop doesn't think life could be anymore perfect--until the night of the Christmas ball when she learns everything James Sullivan has told her is a lie.
Revenge against Madeline's brother forces James to do what ever is necessary to get back what was stolen from him, even if he has to use Madeline to do it. But the one thing he doesn't count on is the way she makes him feel.


James chuckled. “I’ll come only if ye promise to waltz with me.”

Madeline bit her lip and said softly, “But I don’t dance.”

He stopped.

Unable to help herself, she looked up. A somber expression stilled his features. She tensed, expecting him to decline.

“Dance with me, sweet Maddy,” he said instead.

Then with no music but his laughter, he pulled her close and led her in a waltz, right in the middle of the park while snowflakes drifted around them. His beautiful sapphire eyes sparkled as he gaze
down at her, and Madeline glided over the snowy path as though she were skating. For the first time since the accident, she forgot her limp. The moments became magic as the snow squeaked beneath their feet, and her shy laugh joined with the deeper timbre of his. But her foot came down on his instep, and she stumbled to a halt in his arms.

“I can’t dance.” Her gaze fell to the beads of melted snow on the toes of her boots. “I’m clumsy.”

His index finger touched her chin, lifting her face so her gaze locked with his. Confused, she watched his sapphire eyes darken like indigo as his lids lowered, and he leaned close.

A nervous laugh rose in her throat. For a moment she was twelve again, listening as her classmates whispered and giggled amongst themselves of handsome boys and stolen kisses.

Then his lips touched hers, warm and soft, and pressed against her own. Her knees buckled, and she sagged against him. Her fingers dug through her mittens into the thick wool of his coat to keep from collapsing at his feet.

His mouth shifted against hers, and he nipped at her bottom lip. Not knowing what to do, she closed her eyes and mimicked his kiss. She inhaled his woodsy scent, her insides melting under the heat of his breath. The rough texture of his beard scratched her tender skin, but instead of pulling away, she ached to be closer, savoring the masculinity that was James.

He cupped her face, the leather of his gloves soft against her cheeks. His tongue teased the seam of her lips until she parted for him, and he delved into her mouth. Her tongue retreated from his at first then twined and tangled with his in their own unique waltz.

He pulled away, and she blinked up at him in a daze. His chest rose and fell as his breath escaped his parted lips in wispy clouds. He shook his head and smiled.

“Ye are not clumsy, Maddy. And when ye are in me arms, ye’ll glide around the room like a swan.”

Her heart leapt. “Oh, James, it sounds so wonderful, but...”

“We’ll dance all night. I’ll not be giving ye up to anyone else.”

“People will talk.”

“Let them talk. I want to marry ye.”

Madeline gaped at him stunned. Surely he was teasing. “But I’ve known you less than two weeks.”

“Marry me, Maddy, and we’ll dance every night for the rest o’ our lives.”

James offered her a lifetime with his smile, and because she ached so desperately to believe he loved her, she said yes.


  1. Hi All,
    Sorry, but I leave for work in ten minutes for a fourteen hour shift, so I won't be available to reply to your comment. I'll stop by when I get home at midnight.

    So stay dry and enjoy the excerpt.

  2. Kathy, the book sounds lovely. The waltz is my favorite dance--or was. My husband doesn't know how to dance and is tone deaf so he can't learn. I'll waltz vicariously with your book's heroine.

  3. Congrats, Kathy! And Texas always makes it a Western. We learned the waltz (box step) when we took dancing lessons before our daughter's wedding. Too bad we don't ever go anywhere where we can dance LOL. The last three weddings we attended were head-banging music.

  4. Hi Caroline,
    I can't dance at all, so I'm right there with your husband. I do love watching ballroom dancing though. And sorry but the dance in the park is the only waltz the H/h share.

  5. Hi Tanya,
    My brother learned to two-step,but I never did. I always end up sitting out all the dancing at every wedding I attend. I can't imagine heavy metal at a wedding, though it might be easier for me to dance to. Jump up and down and jerk your head. :)

  6. Great blurb and excerpt. Best of luck!

  7. Hi Lisa and Caroline,
    Thanks so much for stopping. :)


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