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Jeanmarie Hamilton
aka Clare Adele
By the age of six years, I knew I wanted to write stories. My inspiration at that age came from nap-time stories my Texas grandmother often told us kids about her life growing up in Texas, as well as the children’s stories she made up. My mother’s afternoon reading to us also inspired me. She read all the Wizard of Oz books to us, as well as all the Raggedy Ann books. There were other fantasy stories she read to us that had to do with the adventures of human children and fairies. The illustrations were beautiful and as important to me as the printed page.

My school teachers inspired and encouraged me to write. My fourth grade teacher read the Black Stallion books to us while we rested after lunch at school. She inspired me to write horse stories. I entered a grade school writing contest and came in second in the finals. That was great encouragement. My mom has kept that story all these years. J My dad wrote a local newspaper gardening column that was put into a book form. I was so proud of him. In high school I wrote a dark poem about a man and woman. My sophomore English teacher gave me an A, and commented that the tone was very grown up, or something like that. I’ve always found my strongest writing to flow at night. Good thing, since I’ve always been a night owl.

My daughter kept me so busy that I didn’t have enough time to write when she was little. I painted and sketched instead. Being a lover of horses, I could never get enough of them, so I sketched and painted photos of horses. With my daughter and then the family garden center keeping me busy until she graduated from college, I tried to write, but never finished the books I started. I may yet. Those characters intrigued me.

When Wal Mart and Home Depot, etc., moved into town, our family garden center had to close. We hated to shut the doors, and still miss our customers. Holidays and decorations and flowers were the most fun times.

Meanwhile, my mom suggested we write a romance. I wanted to write a western so I could have horses in the story, and Mom wanted to write a time-travel. We compromised and incorporated both ideas into our story. It is a good story, but that was before I had honed my writing technique. We finally put it aside after many rejections from publishers.

I wanted to write another western without the paranormal elements, and my mom decided to go back to her oil painting classes which she had to give up while we had the garden center. Today, she’s an accomplished landscape artist.

I found my passion for writing historical romance, and it’s been a wonderful roller coaster ride, sometimes threatening my sanity and most often saving it and bringing me great friends.

My mom would love for me to take time off from writing to paint with her. Along with my mom, I’ve studied with Earline Barnes, as well as the books and dvds of another favorite artist, Kevin Macpherson. I’ve found that there are so many similarities between writing and oil painting. When I need a break I dabble a while in oils. But after a short while, a character is nagging at me to write a story. So back I go to the blank page, waiting for my characters to tell me their stories and inspire me.

I love to write and will keep writing with the encouragement of my readers and friends. I’ve enjoyed writing western historical romance. I know I have another one waiting to be told. My first western historical took me on a wild ride in the American Title II contest. SEDUCTION has since been published. ARE YOU GOING TO THE DANCE? followed in an EPIC Award placing anthology, NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES, published by Wild Rose Press. Next came DANGEROUS PERSUASION, an erotic western historical romance published by Siren BookStrand with my new writing name, Claire Adele.

I’ve also discovered the fun of writing werewolf western historical and contemporary romances. MOONLIGHT DESPERADO, writing as Jenette DuPris, was my first werewolf novella. I’ve since written the first in the series Wolves of West Texas, GUARDIAN OF HER HEART, a contemporary werewolf novella. GUARDIAN OF HIS SOUL is the second in the series, under my Claire Adele name, and it will be out soon. J

I’ve enjoyed a great adventure writing my stories. I hope you’ll find enjoyment reading them.

Wishing you inspiration and a wonderful story,
Jeanmarie Hamilton
Aka/ Claire Adele

GUARDIAN OF HER HEART, out now at Siren Bookstrand


  1. Hi Jeanmarie,

    Great hearing about your writing journey--I had no idea you started out writing with your mom!


  2. Jeanmarie, congratulations on your Wolves of West Texas series.

  3. Caroline,
    Thanks for the congrats! And a huge thank you for uploading my blog. :-)

  4. Hi Nic!
    Thanks! Yes, my mom actually got me started. She did most of the actual writing of that first book, and I did all the typing. ;-) I had a little input and wrote one scene. So being a writer, I was hungry to write my own book. :-)

  5. I am interested in your oil painting. I grew up in a home with a mother who was also an award winning oil painter. She wrote poetry when they traveled, but was proud of my writing. I think when you have another place to go for a while like painting or quilt making, it gives your muse a chance to readjust and get you writing again.

    It was great getting to know you better after all of these years of us being friends. :)

  6. I love hearing how people came write. You should write a blog on how painting and writing are similar.

  7. With all that artistic creativity, no wonder you come up with great stories.

  8. Thanks Paisley!

    Yes, painting or some other form of creative outlet is really important for when one needs to get away from writing for a bit. :-)

  9. Anna Kathryn,
    Maybe one of these days when I have some more time I'll right about the similarities. :-) Thanks so much for dropping by.

  10. Jacquie,
    Thanks for commenting. I think we're all more creative and able to do different things, than we realize. :-)

  11. JEANMARIE--your story is inspiring! How wonderful that you wrote from such an early age. Congratulations on your success, and wish you much more--that's what we're all here for, to cheer and encourage each other.
    Thanks for your great post--it was just perfect. Celia

  12. Celia,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my post. With the kitchen being redone after the water damage, I wasn't sure I could handle writing the blog. But once I thought of what I would write about, it came to me easily. :-) And thanks to Caroline putting it up!

  13. Hi Jeanmarie, I know that because of my love of reading, I finally have discovered my love of writing. My home wasn't a "reading" home, but I did it anyway. When I taught school, I read to my 3rd graders Little House on the Prairie and Beverly Cleary books. I wanted my students to be immersed in the joy of a story.

    Good post, Jeanmarie.


  14. Hi Jane!
    You were a wonderful teacher to read to your students. My daughter loved those books too, and she still keeps them in her book collection. I remember her reading the Beverly Cleary books at home too.

    Reading is such a wonderful place to escape to and enjoy oneself. :-)

  15. Interesting post, Jeanmarie. It was nice to read about someone new to me. I wish you continued success with your books.


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