Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Soon To This Blog!

Launch Date for Sweethearts of the West is October 1, 2010! Come back to visit with fourteen authors whose romances are set under Western skies.
Fun posts, theme months, something to interest all romance readers.


  1. Thanks Caroline--it seemed like it just needed a "jumpstart."
    Did you know you have checked that you and I will get an e-mail every time someone comments? It's okay, with me--just making sure you're aware--now you will be, anyway, because you'll get an e-mail. Celia

  2. Hi Caroline:

    I have a special interest in books that take place in Santa Fe or on Navajo lands. Do any of the authors here have such a book?



  3. Ooh, sounds great! I love those handsome hunks!

  4. Just stopped by to say hello and help initiate the new blog!

    Best of luck with it. :-)


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