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San Antonio is one of my most favorite cities in Texas. The history of San Antonio is well documented as is the river that winds it's way through the city's core.

Wikipedia tells us:

The San Antonio River is a major waterway that originates in central Texas in a cluster of springs in Midtown San Antonio, approximately four miles north of Downtown, and follows a roughly southeastern path through the state. It eventually feeds into the Guadalupe River about ten miles from San Antonio Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. The river is 240 miles long and crosses five counties: Bexar, Goliad, Karnes, Refugio, and Wilson.

The river was named after San Antonio de Padua by the first governor of Spanish Texas, Domingo Terán de los Ríos in 1691.
On June 13, 1691, Governor Terán and his company camped at a rancheria on a stream called Yanaguana They renamed the stream "San Antonio" because it was Saint Anthony's Day.

The most famous mission located along the historical river is San Antonio de Valero, better known as the Álamo, and its complementing fortress is Presidio San Antonio de Bexar.
Four other major 18th century Spanish missions along the river are Mission Espada, Mission Concepcion, Mission San José, and Mission San Juan Capistrano.
The Presidio La Bahía and its mission, Mission Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zúñiga in Goliad, Texas are also located along the southern portion of the river.

The waterway is also host to the San Antonio River Walk, one of San Antonio's primary tourist destinations and the centerpiece of the city. The River Walk, also known as Paseo del Río, is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of Downtown San Antonio, Texas. Lined by bars, shops and restaurants, the River Walk is an important part of the city's urban fabric and a tourist attraction in its own right.

Strolling along the River Walk is the highlight of any trip to San Antonio and a favorite destination for me and my family when we visit. I love it so much that I knew someday I wanted to write a story including it somehow. On this past November 1, I released my short story, A SANTA FOR CHRISTMAS, that takes place on the River Walk. It's a story of hope and magic for the child in all of us.

Blurb for A Santa For Christmas:

 Merry Hernandez has lost both her father and her brother in the last year to unfortunate circumstances, and, due to a bad economy, stands to lose her business, Very Merry Events, as well.,. No one is spending unnecessarily for parties they can plan themselves. While that is bad, she regrets most not participating in the  Riverwalk Christmas Pageant in San Antonio, Texas, where her father always played Santa and handed out toys to the children. Will the handsome stranger and his father be able to help her fulfill her dreams?
Sam Claus has journeyed to Texas with his father to help him make a young woman's Christmas wish come true. Due to the older man's illness, Sam doesn't see a way to help Merry Hernandez. Throughout their evening together on Christmas Eve, too many circumstances occur that he can't explain. Will Sam be able to turn the tide of events in her favor?

Will Sam and Merry realize their special connection and reach their Happily Ever After?
A SANTA FOR CHRISTMAS is available on Amazon,
I hope you're able to read my short story and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. While you're there, I've also released a short story for New Years Eve that I'll talk about next month called, LILAH BY MIDNIGHT.
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  1. Lovely post, Carra. San Antonio is a favorite travel destination for my family. We love the River Walk, and we always eat at Casa Rio. That's the bridge I picture in your story, even though I know the actual bridge you intend it probably a little further by the hotel Palacious del Rio.

  2. It is my favorite bridge with the graceful arc and since I don't have my own pics, I settled for this one. ;-)
    Good to see you, Caroline. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I enjoyed the post. I'm planning to attend the RWA National Conference in San Antonio next year, and really look forward to my first visit to San Antonio. Thanks, Carra and Sweethearts of the West!

  4. Carra, I finally got to go visit San Antonio about 12 years ago on our way to Corpus Christi. The Riverwalk was just wonderful. I found myself wishing we could have spent a lot longer there than we were able to--just the one afternoon. The Alamo was what I had really wanted to go see, and was glad the kids got to enjoy the trip with us--they were 14 and 11. I would love to go back again and just spend a few days there without being pressed for time. Thanks for a wonderful post!

  5. Carra--Our anniversary is December 21. Years ago, for some milestone anniversary, we booked a room two nights at the Hilton on the River Walk. We asked for rooms high up and facing the River Walk so we could see all the lights and decorations from up there. Well, on the night we arrived, driving south from San Marcos, a Blue Norther, a wild and wooly cold front blew us into San Antonio. From our room, we looked down and the very high winds had blown all the electric Christmas lights down, and they were swinging and swaying, causing sparks...the River Walk was shut down because of the danger.
    We laughed about it later, but not seemed like a cruel joke. Still, we had a good time in other places, like LaVietta (sp)and the Mexican Market because the wind died down.
    San Antonio is very historical. Our daughter lives there.
    Thanks for all the info and beautiful photos.
    And your Christmas story sounds lovely.

  6. Judith, I plan ongoing to the RWA convention in 2014. Since I can drive there, I thought it would be a great opportunity. I look forward to seeing you!

  7. I appreciate seeing you this afternoon, Cheryl. So glad you were able to spend some time in San Antonio. I bet you'll make it back one day to roam the River Walk and Mission Trails. See you soon. ;-)

  8. Girl, we know about Blue Northers don't we? That was some storm y'all encountered. Wow. Glad you were able to salvage something of your trip. One of these days I want to head down to your beautiful neck of the woods. Thanks, Celia, for leaving a comment.

  9. I also love the River Walk, Carra, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Santa For Christmas. The setting is a fairy land for love. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

  10. I feel left out being a California girl with all of your in Texas. It sounds like an interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great post Carra. When we come to Texas in April 2015 I hope you and/or Caroline take us to San Antonio. I loved a Santa for Christmas and ai hope it is very successful for you.

  12. Got it, Carra. I love Christmas stories best of all...and I so loved my visit to San Antonio! Lunch at the Menger was a real highlight...beautiful place, thanks for the memories today...I'm babysitting a lot this week ...two little grandsons...and getting ready for my next release,but this definitely at the top of my TBR list. Xo best wishes for the of sales.

  13. Chiming in late, Carra, but at least I skidded in (even if it was at the 11th hour)!

    San Antonio is one of my favorite places. Such a beautiful, historic city. Isn't a law that Texans must make a pilgrimage to the Alamo at least once? ;-)

    Your Christmas story sounds just perfect for the holidays. I've downloaded it to my Kindle.


  14. Love the River Walk. My grandmother lived in San Antone until she died. We'd visit and spend many weekends going to the Alamo and all the other attractions nearby. Such memories. Thanks for taking me back in time.


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