Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SEDUCTION, Now Available at Reduced Price

I’m happy to let everyone know that my debut novel, Seduction, is now on sale for Kindle at Amazon at $3.99.

In Seduction, business entrepreneur, Cole MacPherson, lives and works in a small town in the old west. This particular town is similar to towns described to me by my grandmother when I was growing up. Just as we enjoy staying in a nice hotel while traveling, people back in the late 1800’s enjoyed staying in beautifully appointed and gracious inns and hotels available in some towns.

Sometimes I like to center my stories around an incident from my family history, or historical events that influenced my family. In Seduction, the heroine’s back story is based on events in Texas following the Civil War. At that time, drifters banded together and raided farms and ranches for livestock and valuables that they sold or used for their own benefit.

Here’s the back cover blurb for Seduction:

They challenged the town and each other with their forbidden affair. Belinda Rose is two people. On stage, she’s a confident vocalist who entertains her audiences. Alone, she longs for a secure home and her own opera house where she can entertain or book others to perform. She carries with her the painful memories of her past, but won’t be denied her future. Can her love for a handsome businessman derail her plans?

Cole MacPherson has become a wealthy entrepreneur in spite of his loveless childhood. Believing he doesn’t know how to love, he seeks power instead. What a shock when a beautiful singer knocks him for a loop. Could he learn to love? Does he dare?

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Seduction as much as I enjoyed writing this story.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found out about the west? Where would you like to visit in the west?

Jeanmarie Hamilton


  1. Jeanmarie, I loved the book. Best of luck with Kindle sales.

  2. Caroline,
    Thanks so much. It warms my heart to hear you say that. Couldn't do it without your help. :-)

  3. Jeanmarie--The novel sounds very good, sort of the classic western romance--with a little spice. Out in Marathon, Texas, gateway to Big Bend, the Marathon Hotel is a study of the Old West. The rooms are stark, but each one holds furniture straight out of the Nineteeth century--very, very Western. It's still a working hotel, but visitors can also go upstairs and peek in the rooms. I wouldn't want to stay there--very noisy--but you could stand in the door and imagine a cowboy spending the night. And across the railroad tracks, you could eat in The Red Bean. Not to be missed.
    Thanks for telling us about your release--Celia

  4. Hi all,

    Like Caroline, I can vouch for Seduction--it's a wonderful romance with lots of western flavor! Pick up a copy--you won't be disappointed :-)

  5. Celia
    Good tip about Marathon. There are lots of old inns and hotels still in business. The gems are those that still have the Victorian furniture.

  6. Marin,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed SEDUCTION. Thanks for the good words. It means so much to me coming from you, a friend and author I enjoy reading with each new book you've published with Harlequin American.

  7. Hi Jeanmarie, That first published book seems to always be the most precious in our hearts. Seduction was wonderful. As Celia said - a class Western.

    Western history is so exciting and full of unique stories only found here in America. I love the romance of it.


  8. Hi Jane,
    Yes, that's why I like westerns. The adventurous people and beautiful land where you can see for miles.

    Thanks, I'm so glad you liked Seduction!


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